Tweet of the Day: Rip Hamilton loving free agency

Former NBA champion Richard “Rip” Hamilton was recently waived by the Chicago Bulls, saving the team roughly $4 million next season.

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

He quickly became a free agent target for teams looking to add a veteran shooting guard.

Hamilton is clearly excited to be a free agent and seems to be embracing his time in the open market.

Along with the Tweet was the following image.

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on his Instagram, saying there are "several choices out there."

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on Instagram, saying there are “several choices out there” and added “#Imexcited.”

Hamilton displays three jerseys on his Instagram account, they are, the Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. In order, they’re teams he’s played for in his NBA career.

That image quickly began speculation that he would like a return to Detroit alongside former teammate and friend Chauncey Billups.

Although Hamilton may not be worth the $5 million that was owed to him next season, he’s still a valuable piece to the right team. In two seasons with the Bulls, he appeared in 78 games and averaged 10.5 ppg, 2.6 apg and 1.9 rpg.

Hamilton’s shooting percentages were still honorable during his time in Chicago, he shot .438 from the field, .337 from three-point range and .833 from the free-throw line.

Will he return to the Bulls for less money? Aim to retire where it all began in Washington? Go back to where he had success with the Pistons? Or start fresh somewhere else?


  1. chris says

    I always enjoy watching Rip play, One of the best mid range shooter and solid shooting guard. He is so valuable as a player at the crunch time cuz he is a clutch player and know how to create points by free throws.

  2. willie nolen says

    I think the Pistons should pick up Rip hamilton as he and chauncey play good together and he would help the Pistons scoring wise! think about it. why would a player be ousted after he sacrificed helping take a teamto the playoffs constantly and on top of that to the championship and winning! That’s the thanks that he gets for helping this pistons franchise accomplish these Important goals! Sign him back guaranteed he will be willing to take a pay cut!

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