Cleveland Cavaliers Salaries and Analysis

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Draft Picks Coming: 2014 second round (Orlando); 2015 first round (Memphis, 1-5, 15-30)

Draft Picks Going: 2014 second round (to Philadelphia)  

Trade Exceptions: None

Over/Under: Over the cap, under the tax

Amnesty Provision: Used on Baron Davis (2011) 

Stretch Provision: Available


PLAYER 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Luol Deng  $14,280,000
Anderson Varejao $9,040,000 $9,700,000
Spencer Hawes $6,600,000
Jarrett Jack $6,300,000 $6,300,000 $6,300,000 $6,300,000
Kyrie Irving $5,610,000 $7,070,000 $9,700,000
Anthony Bennett $5,320,000  $5,560,000 $5,800,000  $7,320,000 $9,510,000
Tristan Thompson  $4,060,000 $5,140,000 $7,150,000
 Dion Waiters  $3,900,000 $4,060,000 $5,140,000 $6,780,000
 Alonzo Gee $3,250,000 $3,000,000
 C.J. Miles $2,230,000
 Tyler Zeller  $1,630,000 $1,700,000 $2,620,000 $3,700,000
Sergey Karasev $1,470,000   $1,530,000  $1,600,000 $2,450,000 $3,490,000
Carrick Felix  $510,000  $820,000 $950,000   $1,020,000
M. Dellavedova $490,000
TOTAL SALARY $64,670,000 $44,890,000 $39,250,000 $27,560,000 $13,000,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer


Like many rebuilding teams, the Cavaliers have plenty of cap room, multiple draft picks and trade assets. The biggest difference is that the Cavs have Kyrie Irving, a true star with whom other players want to play. 

Irving’s presence is making Cleveland a desirable place to play. Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark already are on board at a bargain price of a combined $11 million. And the Cavs rolled the dice on Andrew Bynum, with whom they had a dalliance during the first Dwight Howard saga.

Bynum got $24.5 million for two years, but only the first $6 million in guaranteed. That seemed enticing to Chicago, which was willing to give up impending free agent Luol Deng for Bynum’s deal and some draft picks.

No one on Cleveland’s current roster has a player option in their contract.

The Cavs have more than $30 million in team options next summer, and that does not include players on their rookie deals. That will come in handy for extensions for Irving and Tristan Thompson while leaving plenty of room to chase free agents. LeBron 2.0, anyone?

In 2015, the Cavs should have enough room to pursue free agents while giving extensions to Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller.

Back to this year, however. Many are projecting Cleveland for the postseason, and that is certainly a possibility given the step back some playoff teams are taking. But they need more wing depth and a third point guard if they are serious about making the playoffs.


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  1. That’s just dumb, Chris. Irving isn’t a ball distributor, nobody finds Cleveland more attractive simply because Irving is there. Why would somebody go to Cleveland, so they can be both a second banana and take fewer shots? Ridiculous.

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