Tweet of the Night: Matt Barnes defends Shabazz Muhammad for having a woman in his room during NBA rookie program

Just two days after going on a mini-rant about how the NBA has become too soft for his taste, Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes shared his thoughts on another matter on Wednesday: rookie Shabazz Muhammad being sent home from NBA’s Rookie Transition Program for sneaking in a woman into his bedroom – a rule violation.


Yes, the situation will certainly blow over, as long as Muhammad doesn’t give the media anymore reason to bring up the story again as an NBA player. From a “grown-man” perspective, it’s easy to understand why Barnes would defend the rookie’s situation. These are grown men doing grown up things, and it would seem practically tyrannical to disallow a man from simply having female company over in his own room, in his own time. 

Shabazz Muhammad

Shabazz Muhammad

Except, it wasn’t really his own time. Muhammad was in a program that only lasts four days to help him acclimate to the lifestyle of the NBA. In all likelihood, his expenses are covered, and he is under the league’s time. Even if the expenses need to be paid out of his own pocket, the program teaches what you need to know and provides highly-valuable information to make sure you are well-prepared for the NBA. Did I mention that the program lasts only four days? How can you be obedient to league rules if you don’t even have the discipline to follow rules for less than a week? Grown men don’t have to like the rules, but they do follow them regardless.

If the league has specific rules you must adhere to, then it’s something the players – especially rookies – should know better than to break. Breaking rules in a program designed to help you not break rules is irony at its finest, but like anyone else, Muhammad is human, and humans make mistakes. He simply will have to pay for his mistake earlier than expected is all, and hopefully turns it into a positive learning experience.

As for why the league insists on disallowing the rookies from having women in their private rooms to begin with, it seems highly trivial and unnecessary, but what are you going to do?

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