SH Blog: Kyrie Irving pulled a Shammgod crossover move in Pro-AM game

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Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford has been on fire as of late in drawing interest to his Seattle Basketball Pro-AM league, successfully inviting stars such as Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Tyreke Evans. Up next in the near future is teammate Blake Griffin, but he surprisingly announced that rising superstar Kyrie Irving was going to be an immediate guest in Friday’s game.

Irving showed up, and as expected, planted at least one player to the ground with a vicious Shammgod crossover move, as seen below (via Ballislife)

For good measure, Irving also played some solid defense and had blocks on two consecutive possessions, as seen below:

I’m sure there is plenty more of where that came from, but on a more important note, it is absolutely fantastic to see Crawford bringing life to a city that so desperately craves to see NBA players in action. The league couldn’t bring a team back to Seattle soon enough.

James Park is the chief blogger of Sheridan Hoops. You can find him on twitter @SheridanBlog.

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  1. Hymie Porkensteen says:

    Seattle doesn’t deserve a team! They had a good team and they let it go. In fact it was so ridiculous the lack of interest at the city level, community level and corporate level. All the Microsoft and Boeing millionaires are too busy to waste their time with a NBA team.

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