Tweet of the Night: Dwyane Wade and Tom Crean’s unbreakable bond

If you needed a reminder why Dwyane Wade is one of the NBA’s classiest players, look no further than his last few tweets.

He has been very public about his relationship with Tom Crean, who coached Wade during his college days at Marquette. The three-time NBA champion often calls Crean to discuss personal matters.

Wade included a photo of him and Crean looking over plays for the camp he’s been running this week.

Tom Crean and Dwyane Wade review plays at Dwyane Wade's fantasy Camp

Tom Crean and Dwyane Wade review plays at the Dwyane Wade Fantasy Camp

With a price tag starting at $10,500, the camp is designed to attract all levels of basketball talent over the age of 35. The camp has definitely attracted some talented coaches, a group that includes: Erik Spoelstra, Stephen A. Smith, Kenny Smith and Rick Barry.

But, it appears Wade and Crean are running the show.

If one is questioning the bond between the pair, and simply believes it’s a “promotional stunt,” think again.

Crean and Wade

On May 17, 2012, the Miami Heat star had possibly the worst night of his NBA career. He shot 2-of-13 from the field, scoring only five points in a playoff loss at Indiana in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Tom Crean was watching the game in nearby Bloomington, Ind., and quickly called Wade to offer him a day with his former coach. He accepted the offer, and they spent time reminiscing of their days together at Marquette.

After clearing his head, Wade scored 30 points, collected nine rebounds and had six assists the next game.

One thing about them remains true, after ten years apart, the father/son like bond between them remains just as strong.

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Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.

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