Tweet of the Day: Twitter Buzz About LeBron’s Bald Look

On a day that was fairly ho-hum as it relates to NBA news, Twitter saw a large influx of “LeBron shaved his head!” stories.

Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports expresses the general sentiment about the Miami Heat star’s hair (or lack-thereof).


LeBron James sports a shaved look in the Philippines.

Many of the tweets out there sport the trendy hashtag, #NoBaldJokesPlease.

There is a photo circulating (via Reddit) that is fake. Nick Schwartz, writer for USA Today’s For The Win column, proves the validity of the recent photo.


Real photo versus fake (from Reddit).

Even with all of the hubbub surrounding LeBron’s hair, some have taken this opportunity to lament their own hair woes.

It will definitely be interesting to see if LeBron James will opt to sport the shaved head during the 2013-14 NBA Season in his quest to win his third consecutive NBA championship.


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