2013 NBA Preseason Schedule

Topkapı_-_01The NBA has released its 2013 preseason schedule, a 116-game slate, which tips off Saturday, Oct. 5, in Istanbul when the Oklahoma City Thunder take on Turkish basketball club Fenerbahce Ulker at Ulker Sports Arena, and concludes Friday, Oct. 25.

The 2013-14 NBA Global Games preseason slate includes eight NBA teams playing eight preseason games in eight cities.  In addition to Oklahoma City’s game in Istanbul, there will be contests in Beijing and Shanghai, China; Bilbao, Spain; Manchester, England; Manila, Philippines; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Taipei. NBA TV will televise all eight international contests, and more than 25 games overall.

Kevin Durant and the Thunder will head from Turkey to England to face Evan Turner and the Philadelphia 76ers at Phones 4u Arena in Manchester on Oct. 8. Philadelphia will open its overseas play on Oct. 6, in Spain against Bilbao Basket at Bizkaia Arena.

James Harden and new addition Dwight Howard will lead the Houston Rockets against Paul George and the Indiana Pacers in a pair of games: Oct. 10, in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena and Oct. 13, in Taipei at Taipei Arena. The Chicago Bulls, who expect to welcome back Derrick Rose, will face John Wall and the Washington Wizards at HSBC Arena in Brazil on Oct. 12.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors will play a pair of games in China to round out the league’s international preseason slate – Oct. 15, at MasterCard Center in Beijing and Oct. 18, at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

TNT and ESPN will each televise two games during October.  TNT begins its NBA coverage on Thursday, Oct. 17, when LeBron James and the two-time defending champion Miami Heat visits Deron Williams and the new-look Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center at 8 p.m. ET.  The network will also feature a contest between the defending Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs and the Rockets on Thursday Oct. 24, at 8 p.m. ET from AT&T Center.

ESPN will televise a doubleheader on Wednesday, Oct. 23, beginning with the Boston Celtics and new head coach Brad Stevens hosting the Nets at 7 p.m. ET at TD Garden. The nightcap will feature the Bulls and Thunder at 9:30 p.m. ET from INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan.

The league’s 68th season begins Tuesday, Oct. 29, with a TNT doubleheader. In the first game (8 p.m. ET), the Heat begins its quest for a third straight title hosting a Bulls team that welcomes back 2011 MVP Derrick Rose, who missed the entire 2012-13 season recovering from a knee injury. Before the game, TNT will televise the championship ring ceremony. The second game is an all-Los Angeles affair, with the Doc Rivers-led Clippers taking on the Lakers at STAPLES Center (10:30 p.m. ET).

Here is the entire 2013 NBA preseason schedule:

Oct. 5     Oklahoma City @ Fenerbahce               Istanbul, Turkey     4:00PM

Oct. 5     Chicago @ Indiana                                     Indianapolis, IN      7:00PM

Oct. 5     New Orleans @ Houston                          Houston, TX              7:00PM

Oct. 5     Golden State @ LA Lakers                       Ontario, CA                7:00PM


Oct. 6   Philadelphia @ Bilbao Basket                   Bilbao, Spain             6:00PM

Oct. 6   Denver @ LA Lakers                                    Los Angeles, CA       6:30PM


Oct. 7   Memphis @ Chicago                                    St. Louis, MO             7:00PM

Oct. 7   CSKA Moscow @ Minnesota                    Minneapolis, MN     7:00PM

Oct. 7   Maccabi Haifa @ Phoenix                         Phoenix, AZ               7:00PM

Oct. 7   LA Clippers @ Portland                             Portland, OR              7:00PM

Oct. 7   Toronto @ Boston                                        Boston, MA                7:30PM

Oct. 7   Atlanta @ Miami                                           Miami, FL                   7:30PM

Oct. 7   New Orleans @ Dallas                                 Dallas, TX                    7:30PM

Oct. 7   Sacramento @ Golden State                    Oakland, CA                7:30PM


Oct. 8    Brooklyn @ Washington                           Washington, DC        7:00PM

Oct. 8    Milwaukee @ Cleveland                            Cleveland, OH           7:00PM

Oct. 8    Golden State @ Utah                                  Salt Lake City, UT    7:00PM

Oct. 8    Denver @ LA Lakers                                  Ontario, CA                 7:00PM

Oct. 8    Atlanta @ Charlotte                                   Asheville, NC             7:30PM

Oct. 8    Maccabi Haifa @ Detroit                          Auburn Hills, MI     7:30PM

Oct. 8    Oklahoma City @ Philadelphia              Manchester, UK       8:00PM


Oct. 9    Minnesota @ Toronto                                Toronto, ON               7:00PM

Oct. 9    New Orleans @ Orlando                            Jacksonville, FL        7:00PM

Oct. 9    Dallas @ Memphis                                       Memphis, TN              7:00PM

Oct. 9    Phoenix @ Portland                                   Portland, OR              7:00PM

Oct. 9    New York @ Boston                                   Providence, RI          7:30PM

Oct. 9    CSKA Moscow @ San Antonio               San Antonio, TX        7:30PM

___      .

Oct. 10  Milwaukee @ Minnesota                         Sioux Falls, SD            7:00PM

Oct. 10  Sacramento @ LA Lakers                       Las Vegas, NV             7:00PM

Oct. 10  Miami @ Detroit                                         Auburn Hills, MI         7:30PM

Oct. 10  Houston @ Indiana                                   Manila, Philippines    7:30PM


Oct. 11   New York @ Toronto                               Toronto, ON                   7:00PM

Oct. 11   Boston @ Philadelphia                            Newark, DE                     7:00PM

Oct. 11   Cleveland @ Orlando                               Orlando, FL                    7:00PM

Oct. 11   Utah @ Portland                                        Boise, ID                         7:00PM

Oct. 11   Charlotte @ Miami                                    Kansas City, MO           7:30PM

Oct. 12   Chicago @ Washington                           Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 6:00PM

Oct. 12   Toronto @ Minnesota                             Minneapolis, MN          7:00PM

Oct. 12   LA Clippers @ Utah                                  Salt Lake City, UT        7:00PM

Oct. 12   New York @ Boston                                 Manchester, NH           7:30PM

Oct. 12   Detroit @ Brooklyn                                  Brooklyn, NY                7:30PM

Oct. 12   Charlotte @ Milwaukee                          Milwaukee, WI              7:30PM


Oct. 13   Atlanta @ New Orleans                          Biloxi, MS                       1:00PM

Oct. 13   Indiana @ Houston                                 Taipei, Taiwan               1:30PM

Oct. 13   Phoenix @ San Antonio                        San Antonio, TX            1:30PM

Oct. 13   Maccabi Haifa @ Memphis                  Memphis, TN                  5:00PM

Oct. 14   Brooklyn @ Philadelphia                     Philadelphia, PA            7:00PM

Oct. 14   San Antonio @ Denver                         Denver, CO                       7:00PM

Oct. 14   LA Clippers @ Sacramento                 Sacramento, CA             7:00PM

Oct. 14   Orlando @ Dallas                                     Dallas, TX                          7:30PM

Oct. 15   Miami @ Washington                             Washington, DC              7:00PM

Oct. 15   Charlotte @ Cleveland                           Canton, OH                       7:00PM

Oct. 15   Milwaukee @ Memphis                         Memphis, TN                   7:00PM

Oct. 15   Denver @ Oklahoma City                     Oklahoma City, OK         7:00PM

Oct. 15   LA Clippers @ Phoenix                         Phoenix, AZ                      7:00PM

Oct. 15   Boston @ Brooklyn                                 Brooklyn, NY                   7:30PM

Oct. 15   Golden State @ LA Lakers                   Beijing, China                    7:30PM


Oct. 16   Boston @ Toronto                                  Toronto, ON                      7:00PM

Oct. 16   Dallas @ Indiana                                     Indianapolis, IN              7:00PM

Oct. 16   Detroit @ Chicago                                  Chicago, IL                         7:00PM

Oct. 16   Orlando @ Houston                               Houston, TX                       7:00PM

Oct. 16   Portland @ Utah                                     Salt Lake City, UT             7:00PM


Oct. 17   Philadelphia @ Charlotte                   Charlotte, NC                     11:00AM

Oct. 17   New York @ Washington                    Baltimore, MD                    7:00PM

Oct. 17   Detroit @ Cleveland                             Cleveland, OH                      7:00PM

Oct. 17   New Orleans @ Oklahoma City        Tulsa, OK                                7:00PM

Oct. 17   Phoenix @ Sacramento                      Sacramento, CA                  7:00PM

Oct. 17   San Antonio @ Atlanta                      Atlanta, GA                             7:30PM

Oct. 17   Miami @ Brooklyn                               Brooklyn, NY                         8:00PM

Oct. 18    Memphis @ Orlando                          Orlando, FL                             7:00PM

Oct. 18    Indiana @ Chicago                              Chicago, IL                              7:00PM

Oct. 18    LA Lakers @ Golden State                Shanghai, China                     7:30PM

Oct. 18    Portland @ LA Clippers                     Los Angeles, CA                    7:30PM


Oct. 19    Washington @ New Orleans            Lexington, Kentucky           7:00PM

Oct. 19    Dallas @ Charlotte                              Greensboro, NC                      7:30PM

Oct. 19    San Antonio @ Miami                        Miami, FL                                 7:30PM

Oct. 19    Indiana @ Cleveland                          Cleveland, OH                         7:30PM

Oct. 19    Denver @ LA Clippers                       Las Vegas, NV                         7:30PM


Oct. 20    Memphis @ Atlanta                          Atlanta, GA                               3:00PM

Oct. 20    Detroit @ Orlando                             Orlando, FL                               6:00PM

Oct. 20    Boston @ Minnesota                         Montreal, QC                            6:00PM

Oct. 20    Utah @ Oklahoma City                     Oklahoma City, OK                 6:00PM

Oct. 20    Sacramento @ Portland                  Portland, OR                             6:00PM


Oct. 21     New York @ Toronto                       Toronto, ON                             7:00PM

Oct. 21     Philadelphia @ Cleveland              Columbus, OH                          7:00PM

Oct. 21     Milwaukee @ Chicago                      Chicago, IL                                7:00PM

Oct. 21     Dallas @ Houston                               Houston, TX                             7:00PM


Oct. 22     Oklahoma City @ Phoenix             Phoenix, AZ                              7:00PM

Oct. 22     Indiana @ Atlanta                             Atlanta, GA                               7:30PM

Oct. 22     Washington @ Detroit                     Auburn Hills, MI                     7:30PM

Oct. 22     Orlando @ San Antonio                  San Antonio, TX                      7:30PM

Oct. 22     Utah @ LA Lakers                             Los Angeles, CA                       7:30PM


Oct. 23     Memphis @ Toronto                        Toronto, ON                              7:00PM

Oct. 23     Brooklyn @ Boston                           Boston, MA                               7:00PM

Oct. 23     Minnesota @ Philadelphia             Philadelphia, PA                     7:00PM

Oct. 23     Washington @ Cleveland                Cincinnati, OH                         7:00PM

Oct. 23     New York @ Milwaukee                  Green Bay, WI                          7:00PM

Oct. 23     Miami @ New Orleans                      New Orleans, LA                     7:00PM

Oct. 23     Phoenix @ Denver                            Denver, CO                                 7:00PM

Oct. 23     Golden State @ Sacramento          Sacramento, CA                      7:00PM

Oct. 23     Atlanta @ Dallas                                 Dallas, TX                                   7:30PM

Oct. 23     Utah @ LA Clippers                           Los Angeles, CA                      7:30PM

Oct. 23     Chicago @ Oklahoma City               Wichita, KS                               8:30PM


Oct.24      Cleveland @ Charlotte                     Charlotte, NC                            7:00PM

Oct.24      Houston @ San Antonio                  San Antonio, TX                      7:00PM

Oct.24      Minnesota @ Detroit                         Auburn Hills, MI                    7:30PM

Oct.24      Portland @ Golden State                 Oakland, CA                              7:30PM


Oct.25      New Orleans @ Orlando                   Orlando, FL                              7:00PM

Oct.25      Denver @ Chicago                              Chicago, IL                               7:00PM

Oct.25      Houston @ Memphis                         Memphis, TN                           7:00PM

Oct.25      Utah @ LA Lakers                               Anaheim, CA                           7:00PM

Oct.25      Charlotte @ New York                      New York, NY                         7:30PM

Oct.25      Brooklyn @ Miami                             Miami, FL                                  7:30PM

Oct.25      Toronto @ Milwaukee                      Milwaukee, WI                         7:30PM

Oct.25      Indiana @ Dallas                                 Dallas, TX                                   7:30PM

Oct.25      Sacramento @ LA Clippers             Los Angeles, CA                      7:30PM



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