SH Blog: Pierce Fires Back at J.R. Smith; Tony Parker Leads France; JaVale’s New Website

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J.R. Smith vs. Paul PierceAfter a seemingly endless dead period of NBA news, the 2013-’14 season is lurking right around the corner.

Training camp is in sight, and players are starting to reappear back on the map. And with that, let’s get right to it. Here’s today’s latest from around the NBA.

We’ll start in New York, which will be home to this seasons hottest rivalry: Knicks vs. Nets.

Between the ego of J.R. Smith (and Metta World Peace) and the pride of Paul Pierce (and Kevin Garnett), there are sure to be quite a few headlines. And sure enough, six weeks out from the start of the regular season, they are already making a few: “Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce added more fuel to the burgeoning Knicks-Nets rivalry by refusing to acknowledge New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith’s charge that Pierce was “bitter.” Earlier this month, Smith called Pierce “bitter,” a response to Pierce saying it was “time for the Nets to start running this city” earlier in the summer after he was traded to Brooklyn from the Boston Celtics. Pierce came over to Brooklyn this summer from Boston along with stars Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett.”

“Who? Who?” Pierce said Thursday when asked about Smith’s comments, according to

Asked again, Pierce said, “Who? Exactly. Who? Who are we talking about right now? Exactly. Who are we talking about? We are talking about nothing.”

Add in Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and this is sure to be a battle on and off the court.

The Knicks and Nets will play each other four times this season, the first of which will be on December 5th.

You can bet they will all be nationally televised games.

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  1. So Ben,let me get this straight. JR & Metta are all about “ego” but PP & KG are about “pride” You’re not showing your personal feelings toward these players,are you? Not a lot of non-bias by labeling!

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