SH Blog: Evan Turner curses on NBA Media Day Livestream

Be careful what you say into a mic.

NBA Media Day kicked off on Friday, and Evan Turner of the Philadelphia 76ers was getting ready to provide his insightful thoughts on the upcoming season after losing Andrew Bynum and Jrue Holiday in the offseason. Thinking that the camera wasn’t rolling just yet, the guard decided to have a little fun with the mic. Unfortunately, the camera did roll at the worst time possible, at least for Turner:

It’s a funny and honest mistake, but an inappropriate one nonetheless. Hopefully, the guard doesn’t run into any trouble with the team or the league for this little mishap.

(h/t @MaxaMillion711)

James Park is the chief blogger of Sheridan Hoops. You can find him on twitter @SheridanBlog.


  1. A.J. says

    As an unfortunate graduate of Ohio State…uh, I mean THE Ohio State University, I can say with 100% certainty that Turner went there, too. How else to explain his pure genius in promptly following his initial faux pas with, “Did they hear me say motherfucker?”

  2. Marty says

    I’ve been an NBA fan since the 1970’s and Evan Turner is such a classy guy. The league better not fine him. We need good guys like Mr. Turner in the league. I’m a huge Pacers fan but Mr. Turner is someone I have told my son to watch and follow because he is a great kid who plays unselfish basketball. Did you see how embarrassed he was when they told him he was live? It was a funny moment and it makes this 58 year old an even bigger fan.

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