NBA Rumors and News for October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7

Daily Trivia: Pau Gasol returned to action for the Lakers Sunday night. Over the summer he spent time working as a representative for Spain to host the 2020 Olympics, but lost the race to what country?

Klay Thompson willing to be the sixth man
Posted at 08:22 PM ET
Thompson Klay Thompson was Steph Curry’s running mate last season while starting at the shooting guard position for the Golden State Warriors. Thompson, who came off the bench Saturday for the first time since the Monta Ellis trade, appeared to be in assassin mode in his new role as the sixth man. Thompson had 37 games under his belt as a reserve, all from his rookie year. But after starting 122 straight games in the regular season and playoffs combined, Thompson said he’ll adapt. “It’s something you have to get used to,” he told Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group. “You have to stay looser on the bench, but it’s still the same role: go in there, shoot, play defense and try to do everything I can.”

Joakim Noah not playing Monday night
Posted at 11:27 AM ET
Chicago Bulls’ center Joakim Noah will be a no-go in Monday night’s preseason home opener against the Memphis Grizzlies, Bulls announcer Chuck Swirsky said on Twitter. Noah was expected to miss the game after suffering a groin injury in training camp last week. Swrisky’s tweet aslo included a prediction for Derrick Rose to play about 20 minutes in the game. Rose made his return to basketball on Saturday night against the Indiana Pacers where he finished with 13 points and three assists in 20 minutes.

Metta World Peace wrote a book about the Malice at the Palace
Posted at 07:27 AM ET
It was almost nine years ago, Nov. 19, 2004 to be exact, then Ron Artest, landed himself at the center of the most publicized brawl’s in sports history. The Malice at the Palace began with a hard foul on Detroit Pistons’ big man Ben Wallace, ron_artest_254 a scuffle ensued but eventually calmed. The fight escalated quickly when a fan threw a drink at Artest, the Indiana Pacers’ player rushed into the crowd leading to a brawl and the cancellation of the game. Now Metta World Peace, did a Q&A with the New York Post and revealed the book. “I wrote a book about it, son. I think I’m gonna wait to talk about it. But I wrote a book about that whole experience,” Peace said. ” Maybe like 500,000 people still talk about it, or a million people. But the other 6.9 billion people in the world, I think they got other things to worry about, you know — from the economy, to Middle East problems, to starvation in some countries, to girl trafficking in some countries, to gang violence. There’s so many other problems in the world.”

Trivia Answer: Japan

Evening News: Knicks encouraged by Melo-Bargnani pairing; Karl wants back into the NBA; Vlad Rad retires

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Chris Sheridan released his 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 season.

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  1. jerry25 says

    I was foolish enough to read all the questions and answers. Ron Artest didn’t even realize that Serby was making fun of him with all the silly questions. Artest proved throughout the interview that he was “off the psychological charts” and wasn’t just being unfiltered. He is dysfunctional. Good luck to the NY Knicks with Artest and JR Smith. CDR would be another “good” addition to the locker room, if he had any chance to make the team.

    He also contradicted everything he said in the prior interview about trash talker Paul Pierce.

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