Jordan vs. James, 10 years in: Who is the best NBA player of all time?

MJ/LeBronAs long as there is sports talk radio and avoidable TV programs like “First Take,” there will be a debate on who is the greatest basketball player who ever lived. The following is going to make this writer look like a big, fat hypocrite, since there was a June article on this site, by this very writer, with the headline “Please stop comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan.”

But we can’t help it, can we?

LeBron James now has two NBA titles over the first 10 years of his career, with four NBA Finals appearances over that span. Jordan won three championships in as many Finals appearances over that same span. A decade is a nice point to look back and compare to give the reader a nice break from the season previews and preseason hype.

Right off the bat, there’s some really bad news for people looking for a definitive answer on which player is better. It’s really, really, really close.

James started his career right out of high school, so there was an inherent learning curve right out of the gate. The Cleveland Cavaliers missed the playoffs in James’ first two pro seasons. He also didn’t have much talent around him at the time. The Cavs went 35-47 in his rookie season with Carlos Boozer and Ricky Davis playing major roles along with Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Drew Gooden and Jeff McInnis. Boozer and Davis left, and the latter three were the only others to average double figures in scoring in James’ 2004-2005 season, when Cleveland managed to go 42-40.

James finally reached the playoffs in his third season after the team added a new coach in Mike Brown and complementary players Larry Hughes, Flip Murray and Donyell Marshall.

Jordan entered the NBA after his junior season at North Carolina. The Bulls made the playoffs in his rookie season at age 21 despite a 38-44 record and Orlando Woolridge and Quintin Dailey being the team’s second and third offensive options.

The next season, the Bulls got a rookie bruiser named Charles Oakley and a breakout season from Sidney Green, but went 30-52 because Jordan played just 18 games due to a broken foot. This was somehow good enough to reach the playoffs anyway, but the team was quickly swept by the Celtics despite Jordan averaging nearly 44 points per game.

A Michael Jordan team did not clear .500 in the regular season until his fourth season in the league, 1987-1988, when Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant came aboard and Doug Collins was coach.

So it could be argued that James’ early seasons were more successful right away despite being younger, especially after the Cavs reached the NBA Finals in just his fourth season. James was just 22 at the time. After being ousted from the playoffs by the Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys” in three straight seasons, Chicago finally got over the hump and reached the Finals in 1990-1991, Jordan’s seventh season.

The difference between their first Finals appearances is that Jordan’s Bulls won in five games as he was named MVP, while LeBron’s Cavs were swept by San Antonio.

Jordan_by_Lipofsky_16577After seven seasons, things appeared pretty even. James and Jordan both had just one Finals appearance each, with LeBron losing to Boston twice and Orlando once.

In his eighth and ninth seasons, Jordan won two more NBA titles and Finals MVPs before announcing his first retirement. His 10th year was the truncated 1994-1995 season, during which he announced a comeback in March.

After his seventh season, James left Cleveland for Miami and has reached the Finals in all three years, winning twice. Through 10 years, Jordan holds a 3-2 edge in championships and Finals MVPs. James has a 4-3 edge in Finals appearances and regular-season MVPs.

The numbers for these two all-time greats are through Jordan’s age-31 year and James’ age-28 year.


  1. Tom says

    Every player mentioned had great players to play with on their teams.

    Jordan had Pippen and Dennis Rodman
    Larry Bird had Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish, Danny Ainge
    Kareem played with Magic Johnson, James Worthy, and Byron Scott
    Kobe played with Shaquille and Robert Horry
    Lebron played with Kyrie, and Love
    Lebron played with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh

  2. Pampaz says

    The most successful NBA Player of all time is Bill Russell – 11 rings
    The greatest NBA Player of all time is Mike – 6 rings in great style
    The greatest Basketballer of all time – Kareem Abdul Jabbar……. 3 High School Titles….3 College Titles …. 6 NBA Titles…. he dominated every year of High School and College and even had room to dominate in the NBA.
    Le Bron needs to be compared with Dr J and Larry Bird…. he loses when it matters the most

  3. Mike Janis says

    It has to go to Jordan. Michael played when you literally had to be shoved around so when he got fouled he actually did so all them Dunks, Lay-ups that he got fouled and made is hard as hell to make it. Now and days you get touched barley its automatic a foul. but think now LeBron is 6’8 Michael is 6’6 two inches is a huge difference in basketball so just think about it! :)

  4. LOL says

    who is better? lebrons career isnt over. one thing for sure, the guys defending mj were smaller slower and less athletic. the same for modern athletes in all sports. the best of any sport now does not and cannot dominate like past eras. second, lbj is not the ball hog michael was. can you add a few more ppg vs a couple assists? its not all about rings, otherwise, neither is #1. last, not sure if a 6-6 210 lb star can dominate in todays bigger league as much as much as a 6-8 250lb star could have in jordans era. lbj weights as much as olajowon, ewing and malone and he’s not a center… now, there are lots of 200 lb guards who can run like the wind and play D. right now, you give the nod to jordan, but lbj has time…

    • Jason Alexander says

      I’m sorry but there is no way that James scores the way he does the way they played defense in the Jordan era. People got fouled back then.

    • teedog says

      You obviously know nothing about basketball if you think it was easier to score in Jordan’s era. The guys today don’t play defense and as far as you saying a 6’6″ 210 lb guy wouldn’t dominate today you need to take a closer look at the top scorers in the game besides lebron.

      • Rex says

        I’m glad someone defunct that myth based on no facts at all. Thank you. Damn! The bigs clogged the lane, mid-range J’s were contested, and Artest himself said MJ was just as strong as LBJ; this when he guarded him in his 40’s.

    • Rex says

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Must be a Boston junky. No person in their right mind would put Bird above Magic, MJ, Lebron, or Kobe. Now that was hilarious. Lol

  5. paul hershel t sulangi says

    James didn’t experience playing against dominating centers such as the Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Shaquille Oneal, Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo. These guys were not just intimidating, they were very talented and unstoppable scorers. Jordan conquered them all. There are no centers nowadays you can compare them nowadays. I don’t think James can do whatever Jordan accomplished against these Monster Centers

  6. Ralph West says

    No way Lebron is better then Jordan. Lebron isn’t even better than Kobe. Did you see how Kobe schooled Lebron during the allstar game.

  7. Lively LayD says

    As a young woman in love with the game who has studied its rich history I think it’s a very unfair comparison. Michael Jordan in my honest opinion is not the G.O.A.T in regards to basketball. He is the best advertised player and was the best in the nineties, but ever. Please stop exaggerating! LeBron who I am also not a fan of is also no where near G.O.A.T status.He is the best player in the league right now, but this is also a very old league. Who is his competition the Spurs?
    When he entered the league they were seasoned and had a championship and went on to win 3 more while he was in the league. Maybe those aging Celtics players who now play for the nets, btw they have a ring too! I’m going to be honest in the nineties it was Jordan, in the 00’s it was Kobe and now it’s James. The game changes over time. It’s very inaccurate to judge either man in the others league, there alot of factors to be considered. Bill Russell has eleven championships!!! Eleven that’s more than anybody, but he was also playing during a much different time in the league. With all of this considered I think calling either the GREATEST is laughable at best. Mike never won a championship without the bulls. Lebron has never won a championship without the heat, the heat had a championship without Lebron. Btw I don’t care for either. It’s the sport I love!!!

    • aGe says

      I honor bill especially for what he accomplished.. And I’m going too try to say this without reflecting ignorance because it’s not my intention … He played in an era where Caucasion Males were the dominant race. No athleticism No speed Pretty much nothing to offer but being pioneers of a sport. My gramps is a blonde hair blue eyed man I was never taught to see color. But put an all white team in today’s nba they would never win a championship. Bill was the greatest winner. Chamberlain was the greatest stat producer but couldn’t win. And Kareem played 20 years n won most of his ships with Magic. Mike literally dominated the 90s. A perfect record in the finals. 14 years in the league and left records where ppl like Kobe needs 20 years to reach. Like I understand what u saying about him being publicized that’s cool I guess but he played in an era where u had to be mentally tough more than anything .. Which none of these players But Noah and maybe a few others actually possess… He won and he refused to be second.. He won in the TOUGHEST ERA of basketball.. In today’s game where calls favor superstars he would’ve easily averaged over 40 … He never copped out and joined superstars to guarantee a win … His competiveness has been unmatched.. His dominance has been unmatched … He would’ve killed Russell … Dunks fades … And just relentlessly attacking the rim .. He found ways and loopholes to beat you… I don’t think u get it lol and that’s cool … But he played in an era where people had complete game not shooting underhand freethrows … Or dribbling with one hand bcuz they didn’t kno how to use both … It was all fundamentals back then … That Golden Age where Tha Goat played it was fundamentals athleticism and also whatever else u could incorporate into the game… I salute bill .. Wilt .. And Kareem … But naw mike was just on another planet

      • kk says

        Get off mikes nuts plz.”toughest era” palezzzz.todays game players are more faster and stronger.its a new age.let go of the past.back then everyone stuck to their teams.todays game every superstar bounces around so stop hating on james bc then u will have to hate on every other star that got traded.just let go of the past and enjoy what lebron is showing us.the real way to play the game (thats if u know how to play basketball).witness lol

        • Age says

          Lol it’ll b a no win situation if I told u I played ball bcuz ur rebuttal would simply be I don’t play professionally. I actually in all gods honest truth played for Simeon. I back then being too immature to the meaning of “understanding” I chose a different lifestyle. Ppl thought I was going pro since my elementary days. I was scouted to better schools than Simeon academically and for my athletics. I played with and Derrick Rose.. Never lost a game to him. Even tho he was more explosive in the sense of jumping ability. But my speed was better jumpshot way better drive to the hole was better pretty much all around game was better besides jumping. I dominated our team once I decided to leave n we played pick up games in the back of the school or in the Old Ben Wilson Gym. I’m saying all this to say I KNOW BASKETBALL.

          I’ve watched Lebron play. Besides his little possession of will to win I don’t like that fact he doesn’t dominate the game. When if and he does consistently no one can stop him. Yes he does a little but of everything but I gave you stats of mike doing it better. The talent in today’s nba isn’t better than that of before in mikes era it’s getting close but it’s not there. You’re talking about someone who would’ve won 8 championships in a row if he never retired in comparison to some one who is 2 and four in a finals. Someone whose perfect In the finals with a career average of 33 a game and never saw a game seven to someone who gives up n starts shooting damn near half court shots.

          Mike stopped some of the best talent the nba had ever saw from winning rings.

          The New York Knicks with Ewing Oakley Starks Houston Sprewell and Larry Johnson would’ve dominated today’s game. I’m not on mikes nuts and not givin accolades to the players he played against bcuz those players were greater than the ones today.

          From Miller To Shaq to Hardaway Starks Ewing Hakeem Dr J magic Bird Thomas Barkley Clyde the Glide Price Malone Stockton Hornacek Wilkins Rodman And I know it’s more these players would dominate today’s game …

          The players were tougher they played thru injuries or they weren’t easily injured … Stop puttin a player on a pedestal who hasn’t even reached Oscar Robertson level of play and not giving me facts … Throw me some stats .. Show me proof as to why Lebron is better. Faster means nothin if u can’t score.

          I don’t like Kobe at all but he will forever n second best to mike as of right now . Lebron ain’t it. Maybe Kevin Durant. Maybe even HIGHSCHOOL prospect Thon Maker. But not Lebron.

        • wolfa says

          michael has the highest PER in the history of the regular season,post season , and finals history. has the highest efficiency in regular season, post season and finals, he is the only player to score at least 15 in every game he has played in the post season with at least 25 games. 179 of 179. highest scoring average in regular season history, post season history,finals history. 6 for six and probably would have 8 peated if he hadnt got bored with the league. was statistically the best in the regular season then got way better in the post season and then even better than that in the finals. average 41 for a six game finals series. lebron 22 points 35 percent in first finals…ouch. 17 ppg in his second where he failed to support one of the most dominant finals performances ever from dwyane wade. 8 points in a finals game? 2 for 5 in the finals. lebron tries to take the perfect shots make the perfect pass and perfect play every play. jordan just relentlessly attacks on both sides of the ball and forces his will on the game with assertion. the assertive dominance is what took over which lebron has rarely done. there have been feew instances like his 45 point performance against boston in the ecf a couple of years ago or the 48 point game against detroit with the cavs. but jordan did that his whole career.

        • Rob says

          The league now is soft, period! Lebron wouldn’t last a full season playing against the players of the 90’s… The only reason he won his titles is bc he had to join 2 other superstars… Today’s players are afraid of the competition, hence the reason the superstars all try to play on the same team… The only reason Kobe, Lebron, KD are going to score as much as the greats is bc they’ll play 2-4 years longer. Take those extra years away and there almost 10k pts away

      • c crowe says

        i get tied of ppl not kobe his due credit when your boy mj played how many avg let say 27 pts a game? how many stars where in the league still there prime when mike was winning? how ppl could jump from ft line?look at the fact b4 u answer.

        • Age says

          I’m not takin nothin away from Kobe’s heart and determination ..
          But u need to Youtube “Kobe plays like mike” and watch that footage.. Kobe bit mikes entire game literally move from move all the way down to his walk…
          Kobe is a detriment .. He fucked up his relationship wit Bynum Shaq Gasol n Howard .. I don’t like his attitude n how he’s not original ..

          But he is the next thing to mike … I can give him that and to answer ur question …

          Dominique Wilkins was averaging 30+ plus Clyde Drexler used to kill the bulls
          U hav Reggie Miller.. Penny Hardaway … Mitch Richmond.. Ron Harper .. A healthy Grant Hill .. U had Alan Houston who was a killer ..Steve Smith was a dog.. Price n dude From Cleveland .. U had killers all around the league .. Hornacek dead eye shooter . He played against Magic in the finals ? He Beat Bird ??? N Detroit ? Ure talkin about 3 of the top teams ever .. That disappeared after mike came .. N u can’t say old age they were only in the league 10-11 years .. Which is like Lebron now … They lost .. He beat legends … Mike was in the league for how long ? In comparison to Kobe .. This will b Kobe’s 19-20 year lol n he’s just now Catchin up to mikes all time scoring ? Like lets be real bro … Kobe is playin in a non physical era … I respect his heart n will n his killer instinct but I can’t give total accolades to unoriginality ..

          N in mikes era it was more about big men … But u had a nice amount of other off guards .. In today’s era big men ain’t shit … It’s about PGs n SF..

          N now I see all these Lebron lovers quiet as hell .. Mike never lost a finals he never was trailing 3-1 in the finals he ended every finals in 6 games … Lebron went to 7 n just can’t deliver

          My top Five is Mike Kobe Magic Bird and The Big O ..

          • t buckets says

            Wow i couldnt agree more with you (Age). Everything you said is head on, lebron lovers are too ignorant to research it though. Also just to add to your points I think everyone should consider this; through their first 11 seasons this is how mj and lj compare:

            7 All-NBA selections
            5 All-Defensive first team selections
            4 MVP awards
            10 All-Star game selections
            1 Scoring titles
            2 Championships
            2 Finals MVP awards

            8 All-NBA selections
            7 All-Defensive first team selections
            4 MVP awards
            10 All-Star game selections
            8 Scoring titles
            4 Championships
            4 Finals MVP awards
            Defensive player of the year

            It’s also import to note that out of MJ’s first eleven seasons, there were 2 where he only played 17-20 games. And also (you know I have to say it) Lebron lost 3 times in the finals!!!

        • Rob says

          Loves a great player but he’s a cry baby who has 3 more years than MJ… You give Jordan 3 more years averaging 30pts a game and Kobe wouldn’t be close to MJ

      • teedog says

        Very well put. Not to mention there was only 11 teams in the league back then and it was usually the same guys on the same teams. Jordan was simply the best all around basketball player ever! Kobe like to imitate him from his on court game down to his interviews and mannerisms. Lebron is good but he’s stiff and one of the biggest babies on the court.

    • Brian says

      First of all the Heat won with Shaquille O’Neal who was second in the MVP voting so to say the Heat won before doesn’t matter. Because they didn’t start winning until he came. If you take Lebron off that team then they are average because Dwayne Wade’s knees can’t take a full season. Robert Horry has won 9 Championships, so what.

      • mjdagoat23 says

        Age the truth tho he couldn’t have said it any better. Jordan is the goat. Honestly you had to watch Jordan and Lebron play to understand how much superior Jordan is. 90s best era in NBA.

  8. Age says

    Jordan … 37.1 ppg next year 35 ppg THE FOLLOWING YEAR 32pp 8rpg and 8 apt and 10 triple doubles in an 11 game span with 9 being consecutive … Lebron has never done anything like this or even came close.. Jordan took on a pg role and played better than someone who was used to playing point (Lebron) .. 32 8 and 8 ??!!! For an entire season !!! Let’s be real jordan could’ve easily kept this up … Ppl tend to only look at his scoring because it was so dominant and I don’t blame u .. He captured the scoring title 10 times ! He would’ve won MVP 8 times if it wasn’t for voters fatigue and maybe 10 times if it wasn’t also for retiring in his prime .. He gave ppl 2 years ! 2 years to work on their game just to come back and take another 3 peat ! Where’s the argument ? How can u even think of comparing Lebron to jordan when Lebron is on the verge of losing the best player in the world ‘title’ to KD ??? KD is on his way of dethroning Lebron .. A real threat to his legacy .. Who even came close to jordan ? I also saw this article mentioned somethin about what Lebron did in the playoffs that given him the advantage in his earlier years .. Larry birds celtics is considered to b top 5 greatest nba team ever AS WELL AS THE BAD BOYS .. So give me one team Lebron faced in the east that even compares ? Don’t say boston because they were literally and I do mean literally standing on the end edge of their prime which showed age after their title success … The competition was much harder the rules made the game harder LEGENDS .. REAL LEGENDS made the game harder .. Back in mikes day .. This shouldn’t even be a comparison .. I just take articles such as these as a way just to get views bcuz controversy sells, right ??? Ure talkin about a 10 time scoring legend in THE GOLDEN YEARS… 5 time MVP who was snubbed and also was a self detriment to his own legacy by retiring to accomplish more MVPs … Imagine if he didn’t retire .. And he didn’t break his foot .. Kareem’s All time scoring title would literally be mikes … The man has a CAREER AVG of 30.1 ppg … Kareem Played 20 years ! Karl Malone is ahead of mike a legend who lost back to back finals to the GOAT .. I just don’t understand how can u even give Lebron so much credit when he literally joined TWO BONAFIED STARS! Who carried their own teams ! LEBRON DIDNT EVEN WANT BOSH HE WENT AFTER MELO FIRST !!! Melo chose the money ! This right here shows a characteristic trait that he doesn’t have will and confidence to win on his own in a much less aggressive league !!! How would u even call urself the best in the league when ure on the team with two of the top players in the league ! They have to be top 15 at least ! If not top 10 ! WITH A HALL OF FAMER SHOOTER IN RAY ALLEN WHO SAVED ! I repeat SAVED THEM FROM A FAILED ATTEMPT IN PROTECTING A TITLE DEFENSE!! Stop ! Lebron is no michael ! He’s no Kobe ! He’s no magic ! Smh … Mikes 6-0 finals record will always be one main reason Lebron can’t be the next goat ! He’s 2-2 right ??? Hahahahahaha !!! Wade even has more rings than James ! Smh .. Just stop …

    • says

      LeBron will manhandle Jordan in a basketball court any day of the week not to mention he will brake every record Jordan has as an individual player and LeBron sits the fourth quarter on a bunch of games they were blowing the other teams while Jordan kept on till the last minute racking up points for who knows what reason. talking about championships Bill Russell is a lot better player than Jordan.

      • Age says

        Ultimately Lebron will break some records seeing how hell have a longer career than Jordan. Mental toughness plays a key factor which Lebron has very little of. He’s a great specimen but that’s it. His only game is driving n dishing. Jordan had a 32ppg 8 rebound 8 assists season with 10 triple doubles in an 11 game span with 9 of those being consecutive a feat I mind you Lebron has never came close to. When has Lebron ever posted an 8 rebound 8 assists season ? He’s on a team where he should do that now seeing how he’s I would say the best rebounder on the team and the facilitator surrounded by GREAT SCORERS. But he can’t average 8 assists ? Jordan was the only player on the team at this time every player around him was trash and for him to establish those title of numbers says something GREAT.

        Lebron is a quitter. He has no heart and he can’t finish games. He cries about fouls and he flops sooo much I just can’t seem to call him a great player.. He’s a great physical specimen. His talent comes from him being bigger than everyone and that’s it.. I always say if you gave wade that body type with the skill set wade has smh wade would be literally one of the best ever and Kobe would have been the best..

        Bill Russell didn’t play with or against athletes he played with and against fundamentalist. They shot under hand freethrows. His era was the pioneer era. I’ll give him the greatest winner. Yea that goes without saying. But I doubt if he would’ve been a factor in the golden years.

        Mike is the greatest and I back those up with facts. I saw no flaw in his game. Lebrons game is full of flaws. One is when you start to match him basket for basket after a whole he tends to disappear and fall back. He can’t keep up. He can be overshadowed. That wouldn’t have happened with Mike or Kobe.

        Mental toughness takes you a long way. That competitive spirit he doesn’t have and by going to Miami with 2 superstars and one hall of famer says it all. He has too much help. Too much. I just can’t give the man credit until I see a team constructed as good as miamis.
        Stop cheering for quitters and people who want it to be easy on them. This game isn’t played to buy championships as Miami did. It takes away the competitive side. It’s to earn and win. You lose you go home at least go home with some pride.

        • kk says

          U saying nothing but a bunch if with lebrons body lol.what separates lebron from everyone else is his iq not his size.u mean if wade and kobe had lebrons mind they would dominate.all I have to say is to all the lebron haters u guys are missing out and making him to be the best of all time.believe it or not

  9. carlos says

    Overall, Jordan is still a better player. Lebron can win games. Jordan won championships. Lebron already lost twice. And he lost it with a former finals mvp. Jordan’s still great on his late years 38-40 yrs old.

  10. Alessandro Lanza says

    I believe that this comparison it’s good in “numbers” (but Jordan is overall better), but not in the “way” they both play the game.

    I’m a Michael fan and nobody can convince me that LeBron is a better player than Michael (as I will not convince any LeBron’s fan to change their idea!): first ’cause it is my opinion that Michael’s “game style” is the best, second ’cause I prefer the elegance of Jordan over the power of LeBron.

    The only thing I want to argue is a third factor: with today’s rules the game is more open. I’m not the one to say that, but if you look to the NBA rules, you’ll see that in 2004 “New rules were introduced to curtail hand-checking, clarify blocking fouls and call defensive three seconds to open up the game” (source

    So LeBron seems unstoppable (now), but the big problem is that from 25 to 15 years ago, many great defenders would have had many more ways to stop him like thay did vs Michael (with old rules that are now illegal like for instance push with the forearm in the post or the REAL old hand-check!). Michael himself said that with this rules back in his prime he’d be a 50 ppg player. I don’t know if it is true but he managed to make 37 in average with the old rules, so maybe not 50 but 45 ppg no problem!
    Now LeBron is a 27 ppg with this rules and I believe that in the 80s 90s, he would have had hard times from the post and from mid-range (but it is just my opinion I do not deny the greateness of LeBron, I just point out that with the new rules NBA is less “physical” than it used to be, if you don’t believe me that’s not an issue, but if you talk to anybody 35+ will tell you as much, that’s all!).

    Further I see that somebody think that LeBron (7.6 rpg, 6.7 apg during Miami years) is a better rebounder and assist man than Michael (6.3 rpg, 5.4 apg during Chicago years), I don’t deny the numbers, but if we want to be fair, we should compare LeBron’s and Michael’s teammates too. LeBron plays with 2 other great players Bosh (7.5 rpg, 1.6 apg – Miami years) and Wade (5.0 rpg, 6.8 apg), Michael’s “comparable” teammates are Grant (8.7 rpg, 2.4 apg – Chicago years), Pippen (6.7 rpg, 5.4 apg – Chicago years) and Rodman (15.3 rpg, 2.8 apg – Chicago years), if you do the math it seems to me that Michael (Pip+Grant, 15.4 rpg 7.8 apg – Pip+Rodman, 22 rpg and 8,2 apg), had a lot less chances to get the rebounds and few more chances to make assists than LeBron (Bosh+Wade 12.5 rpg and 8,4 apg), but this “apg dilemma” is easily solved as Michael with the Bulls has got 31.5 ppg, LeBron with Miami 26.9 ppg.

    So Michael 1.3 rpg and 2.6 apg less than LeBron (but with better rebounders on the team for Michael) and 4.6 ppg more than LeBron, let’s call it a tie, shall we?

    The fun thing is that some people give LeBron the edge on Michael over rpg and aps, but very few people remember that Michael is not the only player to have been leader in pts for 10 times (career), leader in total points and in ppg of the post season, steals leader, defender of the year and the history best guard in blocks, to me these numbers give back the edge to Jordan!

    I think we sould stop to argue and just understand that LeBron is a great player that just plays to win (as Michael did), LeBron doesn’t aim to beat Michael and this argument is only for us, for the people.

    What I’m trying to explane (to young people mostly) is that if you prefer LeBron to Michael as a player it’s ok and we all respect it, what is not ok (but if somebody don’t understand I still respect it) is that you think he is overall better than Michael, but if you really try to understand what I wrote before and as soon as Michael’s records in the regular seasons stats (23, Lebron 16) and in the post season (37, LeBron zero) are so higher than LeBron’s, there is no question, period!

    Let’s wait until LeBron is 40, than we’ll see if he really overcame Michael’s greateness.

    • kk says

      So how much woild lebron averge on the “old rules” lol.why are you people so blind.i seen both play amd I say lebron is jus a more complete player.he is a rare breed that only scores against good teams.unlike jordan and kobe who would try to score 100 points against bum teams jus to prove they the best.lebron is the opposite.he plays the game the way its suppose to be played.he makes the game beautiful to watch.simple.

      • udidz says

        Yah youre this moment lebron is really beautiful to watch especially how the spurs are making feast on his team on his own floor.that i think would end the debate.

      • popo says

        lebron can’t compare, i am just 27 but watched the nba when I was a kid. Michael makes game winning plays in the last seconds, Lebron loses the ball or flops in the same situation. Just that is enough to show that he shouldn’t be compared to Jordan

  11. kenneth burnett says

    To answer anyone’s question of who is the greatest basketball player of all time, then you must do one thing to find out. Don’t listen to radio host, the media or look at stats or even rings. To find out who the greatest player is all you have to do is watch video (you tube) for your self. Lebron is current and relevant and were watching him in his prime daily. He is without a doubt maybe number 2 or 3 right behind magic already on the all time list. But just watch video of entire game with Jordan in his prime. ANY GAME of him in his prime. People tend to forget the Jordan’s style and the way he played. They only see highlights ect. They don’t see all the little things like the hustle ect. . 95% of the game tape you will see will show you exactly why Michael Jordan is the goat. TAKE A LOOK! This debate is easily solved by just watching a few games of his airness in his prime. There is no comparison or anyone on his level. Sorry not even Lebron.

    • Chase says

      Lebron will be recorded as the best player to ever play the game. His stats, his records, his mvp’s, his championships will all grant him that title. Right now you have to still give it to MJ, but it’s my opinion if they were both in their prime, Lebron would humiliate M.J and the only way he would score would be if his jumper was falling. Lebron is to smart and athletic a defender. His overall team help defense is geat, but his one on one defense is so far and above anyone else its not even fair.

      M.J would have a very hard time guarding a guy 3 to 4 inches taller, 30 to 50 pounds heavier, and the same speed and athleticism.

      BUT yes for NOW you have the right to say M.J is the better overall player.

      • Shahar says

        Lebron will be compared to Michael only when he will reach age of 33-34. Until then leave him alone.
        The fact about MJ that he became the best player in the world after 6-7 seasons, when he was 28 years old.
        From that moment, he stayed the best player until he was 36 years old (Kobe can tell how difficult is to stay on top when you are in your mid 30s).
        And that is the only way you can measure players – how much time they were the best in the league.
        To stay on top for so long, that is impresive. MJ knew how to change his game to stay on top.
        Discuss how MJ vs LJ will be in 1on1 game is a waste of time.
        Discuss also stats is almost the same.

        • mike says

          MJ was always the best hands down for his entire career. Magic and Bird were simply on superior teams. MVP’S mean nothing. Compare Jordan’s non MVP years to Lebron’s years and Jordan’s numbers blow Lebron’s numbers away.

  12. says

    unlike mj, until the last 2 games of the latest finals, james could not take lead during crunch time. he seemed to crumble at pressures during finals. but w/ the last 2 games, he seemed to have matured & overcame this weakness.

  13. says

    Comparing Jordan and LeBron directly by AGE rather than years pro is a far more effective study… Including LeBron’s first two NBA years (when he was figuring things out) puts him at a disadvantage (stats-wise) since Jordan was playing NCAA at the same age.

    Ultimately LeBron is on track to eclipse Jordan’s accomplishments simply by virtue of not retiring in the middle of his prime as Jordan did.

  14. says

    I thought Michael Jordan was the best player because, he had a more championships,rings,all-star appearances, and Most Valuable Player Award. Whether in basketball playing style and he also sacrifice his father to win a game because playing basketball is shed on his blood and heart. Basketball never stops.



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