Tweet of the Day: Jason Richardson Gets A Laugh From Vine

Recovering from a serious surgery isn’t fun. It can be agonizing. It takes forever. You can spend a lot of time just wishing you were back on your feet again.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Jason Richardson spent most of the summer incapable of doing much with his left leg. After having a relatively new procedure called Denovo performed on his knee to repair the meniscus, he has spent most of the offseason in a loader brace.

He is in the midst rehabilitating his knee, but the long road to better health has not kept him from having a sense of humor.

Clearly, the guy dribbling in the Vine video must think he’s cool. He just wasted six seconds dribbling in place. He even starts to drift backwards towards the end of the video clip.

While he may think he has handles, his dribbling would not make it in the NBA.

First of all, no reasonable coach would let a player wast so much time off of the shot clock in this manner.

Secondly, his dribbling technique is far from sound. At least twice he bounced the ball high enough it was near his shoulder, which leads to the final point.

Lastly, there is a reason why—fundamentally—players are taught to dribble low to the ground…any perimeter defender worth his salt should be able to pick that kid’s pocket with ease.

However, his completely aggressive demeanor and his dribbling is what makes this Vine so humorous to look at.


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