Tweet of the Night: NBA Players Are Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

Whether by mere coincidence or divine providence, the start of the NBA season and Halloween coincide, with tip-off just two days before trick-or-treaters terrorize neighborhoods across the US.

That being said, whether for a party, at a party or in preparation for spooky festivities, many NBA athletes took to social media to display costumes—of others or their own.

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was looking for some vengeance.

San Antonio Spurs’ big man Aron Baynes was looking for Batman.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Evan Turner held a costume birthday party that many had many interesting costumes.

Turner dressed as Jerome, the obnoxious Detroit pimp character from Martin. Here he is flanked by Clark Kent and Trinidad James.


Sixers guard Jason Richardson more accurately portrayed the rapper Trinidad James.

Center Spencer Hawes was devouring hamburgers, though his sandwich of choice looks more like a Burger King Whopper than a McDonald’s hamburger.

Sixers big man Lavoy Allen is trying to look like his favorite singer. [Attempt at sarcasm.]

While hanging out with a friend, Houston Rockets swingman Ronnie Brewer and his friend ran into someone in full Gene Simmons costume and makeup.

Days away from Halloween, we’ve only just begun to see the costumes that NBA players are capable of putting together. The coming days should definitely be entertaining.


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