Tweet of the Day: Jordan Crawford Reacts To Commercial

Nowadays, commercials have become like mini-feature films. They are written and produced to not only be entertaining, but also to tap into the human emotional experience. This can make the product much more desirable. It can even make a product seem necessary.

Nike has produced some great commercials in their time—including the Mars Blackmon campaign (starring Spike Lee and Michael Jordan) for the Nike Air Jordans, among many other great ads.

The most recent installment of Miami Heat forward LeBron James’ sneakers premiered its new commercial Monday.

Like many of James’ more recent ads (like last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note II ad), this one did a great job of tapping into that human emotional experience.

Boston Celtics guard Jordan Crawford took to Twitter to express his reaction to the ad.

It is not certain whether he is responding to the intensity of LeBron’s routine, to the social demands of being involved with the local neighborhood kids or, more likely, the quality of the commercial itself.

James fitness routine, according to the ad, involves cycling to the arena, swimming in the ocean, training in the practice gymnasium, playing ball at the local park and running home, all while accompanied by a large throng of local kids.

The forthcoming Nike LeBron 11 shoes, due to be released November 1, 2013, have a good look and boast quality construction.

LeBron 11

How comfortable they are and how long they last when put to good use remains to be seen.

Back to the commercial, in many ways, it does a greater job of selling LeBron James—as a person—to the audience than it does selling his sneakers. To this point, BuzzFeed even broke down 13 times that the commercial made James seem “super likable.”

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as he has a positive image in the minds of viewers, the shoes will likely sell themselves when people see them on his feet. The shoes need only look good and feel comfortable.

I don’t think that I’ll use the word “tough,” but I will give the commercial two thumbs up. It was definitely a solid advertisement.


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