Tweet Of The Night: 76ers continue their unbeaten streak

The Philadelphia 76ers are continuing their shocking undefeated streak by beating the Chicago Bulls at home Saturday night.

This victory defies the odds for a team that analysts had projected to barely eclipse 16 wins this season. The team has been able to rally against two of the powerhouses of the Eastern Conference first beating the Miami Heat, and now Chicago.

Much like their game Friday night against the Washington Wizards, the Sixers rallied from being down double digits to win another game in the closing minutes.

The many highlights of the game include Sixers’ first-round pick Michael Carter-Williams’ stat line. He had 26 points, 10 assists, four rebounds, and three steals.

Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes also continued their stellar seasons as well. Hawes netted a double-double, while Turner scored 20 points himself.

Congratulations were in order for the team. Most notably, injured Sixers rookie Nerlens Noel, who is expected to miss the season while recovering from a torn ACL, took to Twitter to hype the team’s victory.

The Sixers also received a compliment from Miami Heat owner Mickey Arison, whose team they upset in their season opener Wednesday night.

The team seems to be buying into new coach Brett Brown’s commitment to hard work on both ends of the floor.

Darius Morris tweeted out a photo of the team’s post-game cycle workout after the game.

With the team committed to working hard on and off the court, perhaps they’ll continue to turn heads.


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  1. PC3 @SwHTown20 says

    OHH & 1 more thing I Need to Add On Here While Im Ranting…Thank God Their is somebody who is smart Like Sixers President/Owner they gave Sam Hinkie the Keys 2 do what he wanted even if it was his idea to tank for next year draft ( W/A an Amazing Class TMac/Melo=Jabari,CP3=Smart,Lebron= 2 of Wiggins, Randall=Cousins w/out the attitude, Exum=1 of a kind) ..Now their is the dummies Like Mark Cuban who has Don Nelson as their presiedent (LoL how many rings does he have that doesnt believe in Defense at all RT Monte) which refused to give Rosas the Keys another 1 of Moreys top assistants..Just plain RT stupid Cuban as Usual…Good Luck Dallas Mavs enjoy scoring w/out Defense RT

  2. PC3 @SwHTown20 says

    Oh for all the Philly Fans who think What The Hell Is GM Sam Hinkie thinking about trading are only former Allstar away Jrue Holiday last year away for Noel & #1 pick…Jrue in a Pelicans game got his cookies stolen 4 times by Patrick Beverly (Overratted RT) or just look how good Evan Turner is doing with a real PG in MCWilliams RT

  3. PC3 @SwHTown20 says

    Wait a min. Where is all the Haters At Now..Sam Hinkie was the top recuirt/Top dog for @dmoreys Houston Rockets..Im not suprized at all Drafting 2 of the top 2 rookies in the NBA Michael Carter-Williams & Defensive Specialist/Stopper Noel..(also I picked MCW for ROTY in the summer league u got to eat breath NBA 2 understand) I always knew Jrue was overratted Sam sold his stock high (Sixers still have the Pelicans #1 pick next year)..Jrue was another problem in a Awful Franchise/Management/GM/Everything RT Sam Hinkie also took his time 2 bring in the RT coach Popvich Top Assistant Defensive minded Brent Brown..not their year this year but Sam is Showing Up Morey & Uriji this season

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