Tweet of the Night: Anthony Bennett wants to disappear from social media for a while

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in a funk since the departure of LeBron James and haven’t been close to sniffing the playoffs over the past three seasons. With emerging star Kyrie Irving leading the way, though, they are looking to change that pattern this season. They’re also hoping Andrew Bynum will eventually come around to becoming a full-time starter for them to form a dangerous tandem between the point guard and the center. Things have looked reasonable so far, as the team managed to edge the previously unbeaten Minnesota Timberwolves 93-92 on Monday.

Anthony BennettUnfortunately for Anthony Bennett, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, he has not exactly been a part of the winning process.

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Bennett, who showed some flashes of brilliance in the preseason, has yet to make a field goal in his first four games. The  forward isn’t scoreless – he had two points in the first game of the season with two free throws, but has missed all 15 of his field goal attempts, including eight from beyond the arc. To be fair, he has not gotten much of a chance to stay on the floor, staying no longer than 15 minutes in any of the games. 

Still, it’s an ominous start for any first overall pick, and the situation seems to be getting the best of him in the early going:

You never want to see a rookie with high expectations to struggle to this extent. Hopefully, Bennett will come around and get through this rough patch to help the Cavaliers become a relevant team again when the calendar flips to May. If he doesn’t, he might have to take the Klay Thompson route and delete twitter altogether – twitter can be a cruel place when you are struggling as an athlete.

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    The Cavaliers need to sit Anthony Bennett ass down and give Zeller and Sims a chance.This guy thinks he knows it all won’t llisten to season pro’s like C.J Miles and various member of the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers young players (Kyrie,Dion,Bennet need to stop playing one on one basketball and play more team ball. They need to follow season pro’s like Bynum,Miles and Jack. The Cavaliers almost lose last night because of Kyrie, Dion turnovers, driving to the lanes not passing the ball and Bennett not going to the basket strong.

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