Heisler: Lakers long-term targets: Love, Durant, Kyrie

That being the case, the Lakers prefer to use him for his last season under contract, then let his $19.3 million fall off their cap.

With the age-old dreams resurfacing about Nash going to Toronto, the National Post’s Bruce Arthur quoted a Raptors source as saying, “It makes no sense. It wouldn’t work for us.”

At 39, Nash is being buried alive. A blogger on Lake Show Live noted his Lakers career “is beginning to resemble the life cycle of the alaskan [sic] salmon in its spawning stage before eventual death. Unacceptable.”


nashWhat’s next? Tearing off his uniform in a ceremony at half-court?

If the season already seems a month old in Lakerdom, it may feel like six months by the end of the week with the trip that started with Tuesday’s loss in Dallas and continues with losses games in Houston and New Orleans.

Here’s something to clip and save in Lakerdom in case of more hard times, which are assured:

This season isn’t about the actual season. It’s about being the best they can be while setting themselves up to attract star players in 2014, but more so in 2015 and 2016.

Tom Ziller of Sports Blog Nation sneered at the notion that they will land LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony via “Laker exceptionalism.”

Actually, the Lakers’ outlook is suitably humble.

My sources tell me they don’t think they’re getting LeBron. And they may not even want Melo; a team insider told me they are leery of maxing out a guy who has been beyond the first round twice in 10 seasons. The Lakers’ goals go further than that.

The expectation is that someone good will take their money in 2014, 2015 and 2016, if they are wise enough to hold it for the right players.

In 2015, free agents may include Kevin Love, whose pro-Laker yearnings have been obvious enough to tick off the Twin Cities, and perhaps Eric Bledsoe, now in Phoenix showing what a big-timer he may be (and how valuable of a commodity he will become after not getting an extension.)

In 2016, it could be Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. (Colleague Chris Bernucca has already weighed in on the Durant possibility).

In the meantime, Lakers fans, be brave.

And patient.


Hall of Fame writer Mark Heisler is a regular contributor to SheridanHoops, the Orange County Register and LakersNation.  Follow him on Twitter.


  1. PC3 @SwHTown20 says

    Ya its Dwights fault because so many players have gotten along with Kobe like him pushing out 3 HOFs Shaq, D12, & Bynum (before his injuries) ..Kobe has a mental/personality/Ego disorder he thinks he is the best laughable just look at the greats career FG% Bird,Magic,MJ &Etc. Then look at Kobes its not even close to the real greats..Ohh & News Flash Kobe Shaq won 3 Rings since he went 2 the Finals in Orlando year or two before coming to the Lakers & Kobe was a role player with Eddie Jones the main piece RT

  2. Pat says

    Lol. Obvious click hunting for Laker fans and annoyed fans of the other teams. Speculation about players unavailable for for 2-3 years is ridiculous.

  3. maxey says

    This… The standoff was Dwight’s fault, as was his inability to run pick-and-rolls with Nash or hint at wanting to stay. Kobe was totally supportive, while noting there was a Laker standard Howard had to meet. To Dwight, who had never been held accountable for his hijinks in Orlando, it was like a public flogging.

    Of course, by remaining steadfastly aloof, Dwight was, at least, able to leave without anyone being able to say he broke any promises.
    …was sarcasm, yes? Kobe was above the fray? A great teammate? Howard may have been a poor fit, but so too is Nash. And most others not openly kissing KB8 er 24’s ring(s).

    Laying it on Howard as if he was an island is poor, worse than his back was in November and much of Lakertime. Kobe may remain a transcendent talent (who knows at this point) but the Lakes should really hope this is his last rodeo. They won’t go forward until the walks off into the sunset.


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