Tweet of the Day: Thoughts, Prayers Are With The Philippines

Friday, a typical day for most of us. A day wrought with terror in the Philippines as super typhoon Haiyan made landfall.

The NBA has numerous ties to the Philippines. Many players have travelled there on goodwill trips. The NBA hosted a preseason exhibition game between two of its top teams — the Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets — this October.

Two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, who is the first Asian-American head coach among all four professional sports leagues in the United States, is half-Filipino.

Spoelstra talked to Turner Sports’ Ethan Skolnick about the super typhoon.

Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes and former NBA point guard Stephon Marbury both took to social media to express their heart felt sentiments.

I wanted to take a minute to send my thoughts and prayers to those people who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines this week. It saddens me to read how many people were affected by this tragedy especially those who were trying to bounce back from an earthquake that struck them in mid-October.

God Bless,
Harrison [via Facebook]

To grasp the seriousness of super typhoon Haiyan’s destructive power, consider that when Katrina hit New Orleans it was a Category 5 hurricane with wind speeds at 175 MPH.

Haiyan has 195 MPH winds.

Its destruction could be nearly complete — as far-reaching as 20 miles in each direction of its path.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are being affected by Haiyan.

If you would like to help with relief efforts, drop by the American Red Cross to make a donation.


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