SH Blog: Nuggets lose JaVale McGee; Pierce and Garnett still don’t talk to Ray Allen

Andrea BargnaniToday the Knicks got destroyed by the Spurs. The Spurs are still great, and the Knicks are missing Tyson Chandler, but this can’t say good things about the Knicks’ ability to stay near the top of the East.

In that game, Andrea Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire grabbed as many combined rebounds as Pablo Prigioni and Tim Hardaway Jr. Every sports fan in the world hopes their team’s management is smarter than them, that when they come out and bash a trade from all angles, they’re wrong, and it’s a masterstroke by the genius front office.

The Bargnani trade doesn’t look like that. Of course, Glen Grunwald isn’t around any more, but every Knicks fan could immediately see the problem with adding another seven-footer who doesn’t rebound.

Maybe the returns of Tyson Chandler and J.R. Smith will help the Knicks out. It’s still very early. But it doesn’t look good in the Garden.

Now here’s the latest from around the NBA:

  • Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald says the cracks in the Celtics’ former Big Thee haven’t healed with all three now out of Boston: “At this stage, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have made like the last Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima, refusing to give up the war. That’s how the two former Celtics continue to regard their former teammate and current Heat guard, Ray Allen. “They haven’t spoken to me,” Allen said before last night’s game against what remained of his former team. Allen played 24 minutes and had five points with three assists as the Celtics stunned the defending champion Heat, 111-110. Allen admittedly is hurt, because he doesn’t understand the difference between their trade out of Boston last summer and his decision to leave two years ago. Deep down, Allen believes Pierce and Garnett determined their own fate. “For them to be so upset with me is disappointing because of how everything happened,” Allen said. “That banner in 2008 is still going to be there, and we’re still going to be tied to it. Look, I have a feeling they were in the same predicament I was in this summer. Even with Doc (Rivers), he had to make a decision that was best for himself. I was in the same situation. I’m happy they were put into the same situation as I was. Anytime you get traded there’s no telling where you could end up. They’re in a situation now where they can contend. Kevin had to make that decision, and that was the predicament I was in.” “

  • Monta EllisThe Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Dwain Price noted the interesting situation Monta Ellis and OJ Mayo found themselves in when the Bucks played the Mavs: “Neither player won’t acknowledge it, but this game had to mean more to Ellis and Mayo because of where they were drawing their playchecks last season. Ellis played the last year-and-a-half for the Bucks and signed a three-year, $25 million free agent contract with the Mavs over the summer. Mayo played last season for the Mavs and signed a three-year, $24 million free agent contract with the Bucks over the summer. But Ellis said in no way was he trying to match Mayo backet for basket Saturday. “I don’t play them games,” said Ellis, who had 18 points, five assists, three steals and four turnovers. “The only thing I was worrying about was winning and doing what I’ve been doing the whole season, and that’s attacking the basket and finding players. I don’t get into any of that back-and-forth issues.” “
  • The Kings are still not good. Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee tells us what they’re doing about it: “Once again, the Kings were beaten up on the court and looked like the dejected, selfish bunch they’ve been known as in recent years. Malone has had enough of it, too. His solution: “Change the lineup.” More Malone: “I told our guys, ‘The media is going to go out there and ask me well you played small a lot tonight, you got kicked on the glass,’ and the reality is we got kicked when we were big. At least in the end we were trying to fight, we gave up a lot of threes off offensive rebounds. You don’t need great skill to be a guy that rebounds; being a good rebounder is all about effort, determination, physicality – and we lacked all those tonight as a whole.” Malone promised changes by time the Kings host the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday. Those changes could include Luc Mbah a Moute and Jimmer Fredette playing more. Both played Saturday night.”

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  1. Jermaine says

    It says a lot that Copeland would rather sit on Indiana’s bench than get playing time in the trainwreck in New York.

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