Sheridan: Three Trade Possibilities for Omer Asik

220px-MustafaKemalAtaturkomer asikHe is the greatest Turk since Kamal Ataturk!

OK, maybe that’s pushing it a little too far.

But Turkish native Omer Asik is a better-than-serviceable legitimate NBA center, and there is one NBA truism (centers always get paid) that goes hand- in-hand with another: Centers have high value on the trade market.

No doubt Rockets GM Daryl Morey will be asking for the moon and stars in an Asik deal, because that’s what he learned from making so many trades with the New York Knicks. But the well is dry in New York in terms of what Morey might be looking for, so he’ll likely have to turn elsewhere.

Beat writer Jonathan Feigen reports today that Asik is expected to play in Tuesday’s game against Boston (showcase?), but it seems clear that this marriage is headed for divorce sooner rather than later.

Houston currently leads the NBA in rebounding, but what the Rockets still need is a banger of a power forward who can step out and draw defenses away from Dwight Howard. With the way Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and James Harden are shooting the 3-pointer, Morey does not need a stretch 4. He needs a Charles Oakley 2.0. And he’ll also need a backup center.

Where can that be found?

Here are three deals that would make sense for both teams. To be clear: These are suggestions only; not rumors.

rockets small logosixers small logoAsik and a future No. 1 draft pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for Thaddeus Young and Kwame Brown.

The Sixers need a center to rebuild with who can stick around for a few years and team with Nerlens Noel as a 1-2 rotation. They are probably going to lose Spencer Hawes anyway, because he will be a free agent at the end of the season and will be in high demand, and they can afford to part with Young if it’ll get them back a No. 1 pick. Remember, they already have two — their own and the Pelicans’ pick. The Rockets don’t have anyone else’s first-round picks to deal, but they do have their own — and they can throw in New York’s second-rounder(s) in 2014 or 2015 as a little gravy.

Hers is how the deal looks in ESPN’s Trade Machine.

rockets small logo

mavs small logoAsik to the Dallas Mavericks for Shawn Marion

Question to Morey: Who is going to defend Kevin Durant in the playoffs? Yes, he is unguardable, but you have to try someone. Marion could be that player, and if Marion can’t stop Durant, there are still a few other quality offensive players on other contending teams that would find “The Matrix” to be a handful. This would be a total buy-low opportunity for the Mavs, who need a long-term center. If they wait past Dec. 15, Samuel Dalembert could be thrown in, which would make even more sense. Dalembert’s $3.8 million salary for next season is a team option, so the Rockets get him as a rental — and stay well under the luxury tax line.

Here is how the deal looks in ESPN’s Trade Machine.

rockets small logoHawks small logoAsik to the Atlanta Hawks for Pero Antic and Elton Brand (Dec. 15 restrictions) and Jared Cunningham.

Rockets get out from under Asik deal, get back two bigs, including one who shoots threes. Hawks get real center that allows Al Horford to play the 4, where he’s better. Hawks can also sign someone off scrap heap to replace Brand and Cunningham.

Got any suggestions of your own?

Add them to the comments section, and I’ll tell you what I think.

Chris Sheridan is publisher and editor-in-chief of Follow him on Twitter.


  1. PJS says

    I tend to agree with Mr. Sheridan – they won’t get a “stud” back, but I think they can get a rotation player and a high upside guy. Three thoughts:
    1. CHA Sends MKG + Haywood + Adrien
    HOU Sends Asik

    Thought: MJ wants to win now and a front line of Big Al and Asik is nasty. HOU gets talent in MKG that can allow them to go small with Parsons at the 4 occasionally and MKG can help man up on the wings for the West. CHA may have to send a protected later pick.

    2. TOR sends Amir Johnson + T Ross + protected #1
    HOU sends Asik

    Thought – Allows Tor to get another front court player to put Jonas at ease a bit. Asik is still young and they say Toronto is the most international city in the NBA. HOU gets a solid front court player and another asset in Ross.

    3. MIL Sends J Henson + C Butler
    HOU sends Asik + G Smith

    Thought – MIL gets someone to fill in for LARRY SANDERS! while he recovers from being a knucklehead, and when back the 2 can form a GREAT defensive tandem up front (some concern about the overlap similar to that of D12+Asik). HOU gets another wing defender (hello kd3) and someone who could develop into a force on defense and provide some minutes to spell DH.

    All work in the Trade Machine.

  2. Tim says

    I think you’re way undervaluing Asik – there’s no way the Rockets would pull the trigger on any of the three deals you proposed. The guy is possibly a top 5 starting NBA center, one the best defender and rebounders in the league, and only 27 years old. He was the entire defense for the Rockets last year. Yeah Horford is a better player, but if you don’t think the Hawks would trade Millsap for Asik in a heartbeat you’re crazy. Elton Brand and a couple D-leaguers??? Seriously???

  3. maxila says

    You asked, here are a few:

    Asik – – DeRozen – – Taj Gibson This makes so much real sense that it’s likely worthless.

    Asik – – Humphreys + LAC #1 Danny gets cap relief, a better player at a need position; Rox get a servicable 4/5 w/a decent shot. And out of contract at end of season (SnT possibilities) and a low 1st for trade purposes?

    Asik – – Andy Varejao

    Asik – – Ilyasova, the Turk deal?

  4. says

    Asik to the Chicago Bulls for Carlos Boozer and a #1 pick

    Both have similar contracts for next year. The Bulls have missed having that second rim-defending big man, and Joakim Noah’s ability to face up allows you to play the two together for limited minutes. Taj Gibson is ready to be a steady 14 & 8 guy starting at the 4. Boozer has never fit well with Tom Thibodeau’s system.

    Boozer would be a better fit with Dwight Howard as he is very much a face-up 4 now, which complements Dwight Howard’s pure inside game.

    The Bulls throw in their unneeded #1 pick next year just as a sweetener.

    The Bulls are not going to be concerned about clearing out cap space after this season: they won’t be a player for any big free agents. But Asik along with the rights to Nikola Mirotic and the Charlotte pick they still own would make a compelling package for any star who comes available on the trade market.

    • Jacob says

      Or Millsap for that matter? Seems like getting a C could allow the other to be the full time PF and Horford wouldn’t have to play C. Then keep Brand around for depth. I just don’t see Morey giving up Asik for Brand who may be in his last year in the league

    • says

      Horford is out of the question. He is 3X the player Asik is. Millsap is a more productive player, too. Seriously, I was kidding about Ataturk. Asik is OK, but Rockets will not get a better player in return.

  5. t.beyribey says

    The best one for me is the deal between NOP and HOU. Ryan Anderson and Ömer Aşık could change their jerseys for this trade….

    • says

      You don;t need Ryan Anderson when you have Chandler Parsons and the guards hitting 3s the way they are. You need a big man with a step-out game, a traditional 4 with some mid-range game.

      • Brian says

        Not sure on the salaries, but would Varejao be of interest to Houston? Cavs could use Asik since Bynum not able to go full time.

      • Rey says

        it worked in orlando a few years ago, but in this case, dwight will be playing with better personnel..Dwight surrounded with 4 shooters


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