Most Improved Player Rankings: Bledsoe grabs top spot

Markieff  & Marcus Morris Suns People have short attention spans.

Milk eggs cheese buttuh … Was there anything else on that list?

Sometimes we get really excited about things after small sample sizes, and start declaring them the Greatest Thing since that last Great Thing we can’t remember anymore. It happens too often.

Take “Call Me Maybe.” Or Jeremy Lin. Or that “What does the Fox say” video that I wish I could un-watch like I took the blue pill in The Matrix.

So when Markieff Morris (twin brother of Marcus) came out of nowhere and put up 17, 23, 28 and 23 points in four games, well … Let’s just say I was exuberant. It looked as though Morris was going to have a breakout season, and I thought he’d be a fixture here in the Most Improved Player Rankings.

I’m here to say that I overreacted.

I’m not saying that Grandma Dayton doesn’t like the 16-by-18 foot Markieff Morris fathead I bought her for her birthday last week. It’s just that she doesn’t know who he is. And the kitchen table may not have been the best place for it.

Also, I’m not saying that my recent movie marathon featuring The Parent Trap, Full House, It takes Two, Sister Sister, Double Trouble and the 2013 Minnesota Twins Season In Review DVD was poorly planned. I just probably shouldn’t have taken that fourth day off from work.

It’s all about moderation sometimes.

And about having patience.

So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when ‘Kieff went for a combined 12 points in two games last week.

I guess Week 1 was too early to wonder aloud about what his performance did for the Nature vs. Nurture debate. I’m not proud. Or, good at science. It was probably too early to start treating Marcus Morris like Stephen Baldwin.

I overreacted, OK? It happens.

But like Toronto’s own Chris Farley paid tribute to mayor Rob Ford (copyright: Stephen Colbert), that’s all in the past.


Where’s my Good Charlotte CD?????

On to the rankings.


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