Most Improved Player Rankings: Tony Wroten jumps into the table

RoseIf you’re anything like me, you still can’t shake the Derrick Rose injury.

It sticks with you like a gas station burrito, refusing to leave you alone no matter how badly you want to forget it.

Every time I turn on League Pass, I’m reminded that one of the most explosive and entertaining players of this era is gone, and his career is probably never going to be the same.

It’s pretty depressing.

Fortunately, in times like these, we’ve got the Most Improved Player Rankings to keep us going. Much like mint chocolate chip ice cream, old-school video games and Barry Manilow, the Rankings have become an international symbol of comfort. They’re here to heal.

You see, this column can be thought of as the yin to a season-ending injury’s yang, the new life that springs from sudden disappointment.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Take Sixers guard Tony Wroten. He’s not really a fish, but my point will probably still make sense.

Wroten spent last season with the Grizzlies and only got off the bench when Marc Gasol’s gas station burrito returned to its natural, gaseous state. Or when somebody spilled something.

This season, Wroten is a key rotation player with the Sixers, averaging 25.6 minutes. He’s gone off for 10 double-digit scoring efforts, or nine more than he had all of last season. He had a four-game stretch last week in which he averaged 19.5 points and even posted a triple-double in a 123-117 win over the Rockets on November 13, putting up 18 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds).

Overall, the Hustlin’ Husky (as Kings broadcaster Jerry Reynolds might call him) is averaging 12.6 points, 3.4 assists and 3.2 boards.

Of course, he did go down with a back injury on Friday against the Bucks. Is love even real?!!

Hopefully, he’ll be back soon, because we don’t deserve that kind of pain.

On to the rankings.


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