Korver has rib injury, record 3-pointer streak on hold


Kyle Korver won’t tie Dana Barros’ record for most consecutive games with a 3-pointer.Kyle Korver

At least not tonight.

Korver is one of three members of the Atlanta Hawks who did not make the trip to Houston to play the Rockets on Wednesday night. He remained in Atlanta to receive treatment for a bruised rib.

So why are we giving you an injury report on an otherwise ordinary player with a fantastic shooting stroke?

Because the last time Korver didn’t make a 3-pointer in a game was 88 games and more than a calendar year ago in the 2012-13 season opener against – you guessed it – the Houston Rockets.

Of course, nobody noticed because (a) Korver didn’t have a streak at the time and (b) he and his teammates were being torched by James Harden, who went for 45 in his Rockets debut.

But it is a tad of a ko-inky-dink that Korver’s first DNP of the season comes against the team that last shut him out from the arc. It also comes following his worst two distance shooting performances of the season as he was a combined 2-of-8 in home losses to Boston and Orlando.

Prior to that, Korver had been absolutely scorching from the arc. He had made at least two 3-pointers in all but one the first 13 games and was 36-of-68 (53 percent) on 3-pointers this season.

Korver did miss seven games last season – five in late November and early December with a back injury, another in March with a sprained toe and the season finale due to rest.

For the streak, Korver is shooting 46.5 percent (227-of-488) from the arc. During his streak, Barros actually was traded from Philadelphia to Boston and was at 44.2 percent (217-of-491).

Even more remarkable is the ignorance of the streak by the media covering a league thoroughly driven by numbers. You would have thought Joe DiMaggio had been resurrected the way folks were tracking Chris Paul’s season-opening double-double streak or Paul George’s run of 20-point games.

Consider the attention the streak would be getting if it belonged to Ray Allen, with his current proximity to LeBron James. Or if it belonged to Stephen Curry, the current darling of NBA fans consumed by what’s “new and hot.”

But because Korver is an ordinary guy who plays for a blah team in  a mid-sized market, nobody cares. 

Virtually no one is talking at all about Korver’s streak, partially because Korver himself doesn’t like talking about it. And that’s a shame. In a league where more and more emphasis is put on the 3-pointer every season, Korver’s streak is kind of a big deal.

The team injury report gave no indication whether Korver would return Friday, when the Hawks host the Dallas Mavericks. Atlanta visits Wasington on Saturday and San Antonio on Monday.

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  2. Because he’s a high-volume 3-point shooting white American guy that’s a one-trick pony. The limited-talent spawn of Jason Kapono and Steve Novak. The kind of guy that at least one idiot NBA GM will always grossly overpay (in this case, the habitually bungling Danny Ferry), while beginning in year 2, everybody waits for the clock to finally tick down to the end of the ridiculous contract.

  3. Chris, during the streak, the dude has taken nearly 6 three-point shots per game. Not to diminish his three-point shooting ability, but please. I’ll bet if you gave some bum like Travis Hafner 12 at-bats per game, that ‘roid-shooting fool would eventually break Joe DiMaggio’s record, too.

    • AJ, I get your point. But I doubt if Hafner would be batting .465 with those 12 at-bats per game. Here are the numbers of the top four guys:
      1. Dana Barros: 89 (.442, 217-for-491)
      2. Kyle Korver: 88 (.465, 227-for-488)
      3. Michael Adams: 79 (.364, 193-for-530)
      4. Dennis Scott: 78 (.427, 253-for-593)
      Korver’s shots per game are almost same as Barros for fewest and clearly has highest percentage. It’s not a 10-rebound streak or even a double-digit streak. I get that. But it’s more than folks have (not) made it out to be. And I just don;t get it, because he’s a good guy who’s never in trouble, gives back to the community (he does a coat drive wherever he plays), etc. He’s easy to root for. As big as the 3-ball is in today’s game, more should be made of it. Thanks for reading.

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