Tweet of the Night: Andre Iguodala impressed by Jason Kidd’s coaching antics

KiddIn the midst of a frantic comeback and in desperate need of a win, Jason Kidd needed a timeout to call a play for his Brooklyn Nets against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.

Just one problem: he ran out of them in the fourth quarter.

No matter. There have been plenty of questions about his ability as a head coach with the Nets badly struggling out of the gates, but Kidd came up with one trick that probably deserves to be a Top 10 play of the day: 

It appeared that Tyshawn Taylor accidentally bumped into Kidd, causing the rookie coach to drop a cup with a drink in it. It seemed rather odd that Kidd would be sipping on a beverage at such a critical juncture of the game.

As it turns out, it probably wasn’t even his drink to begin with. Replay clearly showed Kidd telling Taylor to hit him while holding the drink. The intention was clear: a way to make a mess of the floor and duping the refs into calling an official timeout – just what he needed to call a final play for his team. The scheme worked to perfection.

Unfortunately, the Nets still managed to lose the game 99-94 after Paul Pierce failed to hit a game-tying 3-point attempt. Still, it’s a devious trick on Kidd’s part, and perhaps one that shows he could end up being a very interesting coach in this league – provided he can survive the disastrous start to this season.

Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors was highly impressed after seeing the play:


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