Tweet of the Night: Stephen Curry wonders if Russell Westbrook’s game-winning 3-pointer is legit

westbrookJust when the Golden State Warriors finally seemed to put away the Oklahoma City Thunder for an impressive 112-110 overtime victory on the road, Russell Westbrook happened.

After somehow tapping away a Jermaine O’Neal rebound on Serge Ibaka’s missed shot with about 6.4 seconds remaining in the game, Westbrook saw Thabo Sefolosha jump into the stands to save the ball from going out of bounds and made himself available for the catch. He then went to the 3-point line and launched it with virtually no time remaining on the clock.

Splash. Game.

Or was it?

Replays on the shot appeared to show that Westbrook’s foot may have been over the line.

After reviewing the play, the referees ruled it a three, and the Warriors failed to get a shot off with just 0.1 second remaining in the game. It was an incredible shot to end the contest, and the two teams now share one game-winner apiece with Andre Iguodala having hit one at home back on November 14. Westbrook ended his night with 34 points, seven assists and five steals.

Stephen Curry, who also had an impressive night with 32 points, 11 rebounds, five assists and one impressive crossover on Ibaka, wondered after the game whether Westbrook’s shot was really a 3-pointer.

As it turns out, the shot was a legitimate 3-pointer, as seen in the picture below: Westbrook

Presumably, the guard saw the reactions and ended his night on this note.


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