SH Blog: Kobe Announces His Return; Heat Talk Trade; Rose Not Ruling Out Playoff Return

kobeIt’s official, Kobe Bryant is returning to the court this Sunday against the Toronto Raptors after an eight-month recovery from a torn Achilles that sidelined him during last years playoffs.

While that technically is the “news” of the day, it sure isn’t the talk of the town. That is because Kobe announced his comeback with an extravagant, two minute video via Facebook titled “Seasons of Legend.” The video entails nothing more than Kobe’s jersey flapping in a windy sky. For two minutes. 

For it blowing up the internet this afternoon, it sure wasn’t anything to write home about. But this is Kobe we’re talking about.

There’s always expectations. So what can we expect when he actually steps back on the court? Ken Berger from takes a look at what Kobe’s return may look like initially.

Bryant has spoken recently of his willingness to adapt if the explosiveness is gone from his surgically repaired left leg. Time will tell, but Bryant has been adapting his game for years. Many of his peers are younger and more athletic, but few think and analyze the game the way he does. Few have the chameleon-like characteristics to morph into whatever the body’s physical limits allow.

As far as having an impact on the game within those limits — whatever they are — Bryant will find a way.

It could also just be part of the natural process for him as he tests the depth and breadth of what his body and basketball arsenal have to offer.

Exactly how much is there, and in what areas, will be for Bryant to figure out as he navigates his comeback. By returning Sunday against the Raptors, Bryant gets to reclaim his legend in front of an adoring home crowd, on the very floor where he shuffled helplessly to the locker room after his Achilles snapped against Golden State last April. He also gets to come back against the team he dropped 81 points on in 2006.

The Raptors could be a great game to ease back into things. After all, they did just blow a 27-point second half lead against the Warriors. And there was that whole 81-point game thing that Bryant had against them before.

My prediction is that Kobe will struggle from the field but finish with a modest 23 points, six rebounds and three assists in a Lakers loss.

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  1. A.J. says

    How does somebody with such a gigantic “look at me” ego always get portrayed by the media as being exactly the opposite. Rose isn’t “ruling out” a playoff return. Uh huh. Sure. And I’m not “ruling out” dating 52 different Victoria’s Secret models in 2014, a different one for every Thursday night. Too bad 2014 isn’t a leap year, I certainly wouldn’t have “ruled out” banging 53.

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