1. If Emeka is healthy & Suns are still in playoff hunt, he will add wins.
    If Emeka is healthy & Suns are out of playoff, Suns can trade him to contender for younger pieces & picks.
    If Emeka remains injured, Suns can flip his $14.5m expiring contract to non-contending over-cap teams (lots of them like NYK, LAL, BKN, CHI) in exchange for star, younger pieces or picks.
    Emeka+Suns picks can also be used to match salaries in a trade for disgruntled star – e.g. Kevin Love.
    Suns have arguably the smartest GM in the NBA (Dudley-for-Bledsoe & Scola-for-Green/Miles/pick are 2 of top 5 deals so far this season, both going Suns’ way). Won’t be dumb enough to buy-out Emeka when he commands more value as large expiring contract.

  2. Last I heard the suns are not in the charity business. If the guy has this much value they will not let him go to a rival for nothing… Either trade him for more assets or let him walk after this season, either way he comes off the books after this year, no need to GIVE him to your division rivals… smh at this piece or writing.

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