Tweet of the Night: Frank Isola takes shot at Andrea Bargnani and Marc Berman of the New York Post

IsolaIf you follow Frank Isola of the New York Daily News on twitter, you know that one of his favorite things to do is take a shot at Marc Berman of the New York Post.

Chris Sheridan once told me that the two are actually fairly friendly acquaintances in person (although they run hot and cold-CS), so maybe it’s all some sort of an inside joke. Sometimes, though, that’s hard to believe when you see some of the things Isola says about the guy. It’s not exactly clear what the history is between the two and Berman has never responded publicly to anything Isola has said about him, but that hasn’t stopped Isola from taking jabs at him at any chance he gets, and the trend continued on Wednesday.

The New York Knicks were up by two points in a tightly contested overtime game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Carmelo Anthony missed a tough shot with 16 seconds left, but Tyson Chandler, who returned for the first time since suffering a fractured leg in early November, grabbed the offensive rebound and dished out to Andrea Bargnani. From there, Bargnani could have held onto the ball or pass it off to a teammate and force the Bucks to commit a foul. Instead, he shocked everyone and shot a 3-pointer with 14 seconds left on the clock and missed. The Bucks secured the rebound and managed to send the game to a double overtime.

Bucks broadcast:

Knicks broadcast:

You can hear the Bucks analyst call Bargnani a knucklehead, and Walt Clyde Frazier went on a mini rant at the other end and simply wondered: “WHY??”. The Knicks bench could hardly believe what they saw and reacted accordingly:


(Photo courtesy of Seth Rosenthal of Posting and Toasting)

More often than not, Bargnani has made questionable decisions down the stretch of close games for the Knicks. The forward doesn’t see obvious passes to make when he has the ball, is seemingly incapable of playing any sort of defense on the pick and roll or any other play that doesn’t involve guarding his own man, and apparently has no idea how to manage situations with the game on the line, as displayed against the Bucks. This was one situation Mike Woodson should not have had to explain to his players.

After watching it all go down, Isola had this to say:

And yes, Berman did say those words during a recent game, as seen below:

Berman then responded to Bargnani’s play by blaming Toronto’s losing program:

Perhaps now Berman won’t wonder how or why fans think Masai Ujiri won on the trade that sent Bargnani to New York. The Knicks managed to edge the Bucks 107-101 in double overtime, but not before giving us plenty to laugh about in the process.

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  1. Daniel says

    Frank Isola is a clown. People act like he’s some great defender of truth. He’s not.

    He’s an ankle biter who writes for a newspaper that has the lowest readership in the city. If he wasn’t lobbing grenades at the Knicks, or other journalists, no one would have a clue who he is.

    • jerry25 says

      I’d like to know what he has said that isn’t true, especially about the Knicks being dishonest about their injuries?

      • Daniel says

        You misunderstood what I meant. All I was saying is that Isola makes comments to draw attention to himself – it’s not to create some level of transparency for the fans. He works for the newspaper that nobody reads. I not saying he lies. I’m saying he’s a sensationalist. There’s a difference.

  2. jerry25 says

    I think the Isola thing has to do with Berman being an ultra pro-Knicks defender of owner Dolan. Berman’s job with Post is probably safe as long as he continues to tell Knicks fans what they want to hear, and also what Dolan wants to hear. Dolan owns the Newsday Newspaper.

    Meanwhile, Isola is the only long time Knicks reporter who just tells the truth about the Knicks and their owner – Lies about injuries/surgery being one such topic. As Sheridan will confirm, years ago Dolan took away Isola’s privileges at MSG, but that has only emboldened Frank. There is a link somewhere about how the feud between Dolan and Isola began.

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