PODCAST: Autopsy of the Bynum-Deng Trade; Who is Best Healthy PG in West?

Mitch Kupchak

Mitch Kupchak

I have already made my thoughts known on the Luog Deng-Andrew Bynum trade in a column, the gist of whih is that the big loser in this deal was the Lakers. Go ahead and click through and give it a read as you listen to this audio from the NBA’s Sirius-XM radio channel, in which I go into further detail about why Mitch Kupchak blew a golden opportunity to set the Lakers up for having a spectacular team — and not having to pay the repeated luxury tax — in the 2015-16 season, when Kobe Bryant will be in the final season of his contract.

But that is not all we touched on in this wide-ranging interview with hosts Frank Isola and Mateen Cleaves.

With Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook out for the next several weeks with injuries, who is the best point guard currently playing in the West? The choices are Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard, and I not only answered the question, I made the hosts answer it, too. (Can’t help myself; I am still a reporter at heart, and reporters ask questions).

Andre Miller of the Nuggets also gets discussed, as do Stephon Marbury, Delonte West and Bobby Brown — of of whom are currently playing in China.

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