Tweet of the Day: LeBron James Now Available in Thigh Form

That’s right. You can now have Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James on your thigh. Not literally—like a child sitting on Santa’s thigh. Figuratively, however … most definitely.

Just ask Shane Battier who witnessed the phenomenon first hand. He sent evidence to James who has, for our benefit, shared it on social media.

As crazy as it may seem, there are fanatics everywhere who are willing to permanently etch the visage of their favorite superstars on their bodies.

It is creepy, especially when the art doesn’t look 100-percent like the person it is intended to represent. But, for those stars (whether entertainers or athletes) who are permanently emblazoned one someone’s body in ink, it can also be very humbling and satisfying to know that fans are that passionate about what they do.

A quick search on the internet can turn up all sorts of crazy tattoo portraiture of famous celebrities. Some are both crazy and astonishing (for the quality of art).

Brittany Spears Tattoo

This tattoo of a bald, crazed Brittany Spears perfectly exemplifies the blend of craziness and great art in tattoo choice.

Still, for as insane as having a tattoo of a celebrity on your body may be, it can’t be as bad as the tattoos dished out in the Fantasy Football Tattoo League.

What are some of the craziest celebrity tattoos that you’ve encountered?

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  1. A.J. says

    That’s a reasonably decent tattoo facsimile, but where are James’ forehead wrinkles? The tattoo artist must have injected the tattoo with Botox.

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