Tweet of the Day: Atlanta Hawks Fall Victim to Snowpocalypse 2014


Atlanta motorists deadlocked on I-285 during Snowpocalypse 2014.

The city of Atlanta has fallen prey to Snowpocalypse 2014—also known as Snowmageddon.

Tuesday afternoon, the clouds opened up and—combined with temperatures in the teens—spewed forth a few inches worth of snow. Not much, but enough to cause chaos among Atlanta natives. Though the city has snow plows and salt trucks, none were put to use prior to the snow storm, yielding slick, icy roads incapable of supporting normal traffic, much less a mass exodus.

With snow and ice abound, schools, jobs and the government all shut down, filling streets and interstates with countless motorists trying to find their way to home. Many travelers were left stranded overnight in their cars, unable to drive on the ice or stuck behind auto accidents caused by it.

The impact of Snowpocalypse has now impacted the NBA, causing the Atlanta Hawks to postpone their matchup against their former small forward Josh Smith and the Detroit Pistons Wednesday night.

In an unrelated announcement, the NBA took to Twitter to hype the marquee matchup among Wednesday night’s games. This announcement led to a hilarious response from the Atlanta Hawks.

The chaos that Tuesday’s snow brought on the city of Atlanta and its motorists was felt by many, including some of the Hawks’ players.

The weather conditions are expected to continue through Thursday afternoon. Hawks forward DeMarre Carroll expressed his relief that he has enough food to last through the inclement weather.

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  1. A.J. says

    But according to those self-promoting blowhards at the Weather Channel, it wasn’t Snowpocalypse 2014, it was Winter Storm Leon. Apparently they’ve decided that race is also important when it comes to selling the channel as essential viewing and marketing their sensationalism. Gotta reel in those black viewers, they won’t watch it if it’s named Winter Storm Charles Winchester III.

    • Michael Brumagin says

      I’m less concerned with the naming conventions of the Weather Channel, and more bothered by the ineptitude of Atlanta’s mayor and Georgia’s governor, both of who took turns blame-shifting rather than taking ownership of their failure to ensure the city’s transportation infrastructure would be prepared for the snow storm.

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