Tweet of the Day: Steph Curry’s Facebook Q&A

Tuesday night the Charlotte Bobcats put the clamps on the Dubs shooters—holding the team to a pitiful 31.2-percent from the floor—in a 16-point blowout win. It was the team’s worst shooting percentage since 2004, when they shot 27.5-percent against the Memphis Grizzlies. Point guard Steph Curry shot 8-of-18 (44-percent) from the floor in the loss.

The most efficient scorer on the team—not named Curry—was Jermaine O’Neal, who made his return from wrist surgery, having shot 2-of-5 (40-percent) from the floor en route to nine points in 17 minutes.

On the heels of one of the Golden State Warriors’ most abysmal offensive outings in recent memory, the team took to the practice court to try to correct their wayward shooting. Prior to practice, point guard Steph Curry informed his followers that he’d be holding court for a Q&A afterwards on his Facebook page.

Curry posted this picture to Facebook indicating he was ready for questions, "Alright guys. About to get some treatment in and start the Q&A. Try and answer as many questions as I can. Let's go!"

Curry posted this picture to Facebook indicating he was ready for questions, “Alright guys. About to get some treatment in and start the Q&A. Try and answer as many questions as I can. Let’s go!”

The first question on the docket: Favorite Bible verse?

Answer: “Philippians 4:13″

Q: Where can I get your personal colorway for your shoe Stephen ?

A: “they should be out by March. Keep checking back.”

Q: Whats your favorite cereal?

A: “honey nut Cheerios or frosted flakes”

Q: Who is better shooter in your opinion Ray Allen or Reggie Miller?

A: “Id take either one but Ray had the records”

Jonny van Essen asked, “What part of your game do you want to improve the most?” However, Curry seemed to have avoided giving a direct answer.

A: “yeah always challenge yourself before you leave the gym”

Q: Why did you pick ur jersey number?

A: “following dads footsteps”

Q: What was the best practical advice/pointer you remember receiving as a child that has stuck with you?

A: “be the hardest working person in anything you do because there’s always somebody else out there working when you’re not”

Q: How long have you followed Christ?

A: “made the best decision of my life in 7th grade”

Q: Skittles or m&ms?

A: “skittles”

Q: Who’s the Funniest player on the Warriors ?

A: “D lee does best impersonations. Bogut has funniest sense of humor. Klay has funniest mannerisms. Coach tells funniest jokes”

Q: Favorite fast food restaurant while you were growing up?

A: “chick-fil–”

Q: Do you think management has to adress some needs or do you think the actual roster is enough to guarantee a playoff spot?

A: “we play the way we are capable of playing every night we will win a lot of games. Wasn’t always the case here”

Q: What motivates you before game time? Music? Rituals? What’s a typical thing you notice yourself doing before you go get work done?

A: “sticking to my normal routine. And some quiet time before we play to visualize what I need to do during the game”

Q: Your website says you have 3 siblings: Seth, Sydel, and Will. Who is Will and why do we never hear about him? Thanks!!

A: “brother from another mother that I grew up with. Consider him blood”

Q: whats your favorat ite workout & shooting drill?

A: “shooting around the arc until i miss 2 in a row. Record I have is 76. Klay said he’s made 120 so guess I have to believe him”

Q: Why are you guys playing like straight trash so often.. You guys still think you’re elite? How many learning lessons/wake up calls does it take?

A: “holla at ya down the stretch of the season. Crazy the difference a year makes in reactions. We will be just fine”

Q: How was it experiencing your father in the nba as a kid? Did you have any special backstage treatments etc?

A: “I met most of his teammates and got to hang around practices and the locker room. Was fun growing up and developed my love for the game”

Q: Do you think the 2009 ncaa tournament on Davidson was the turning point in your career?

A: “definitely. Introduced me to big moments and the pressures of expectations and success”

Q: Favourite vacation spot?

A: “myrtle beach SC”

Q: What’s your flappy bird record?

A: “32. I’m terrible”

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: “hang with the family. Golf. Read. SLEEP”


A: “Under Armour Basketball lol”

After sorting through questions for about an hour, Curry closed out the Q&A.

Thanks guys. We will do this again soon. Sorry couldn’t spend more time but family calls. Appreciate everyone that voted for All-Star. Really means a lot.#dubnation.”

Now that he has allowed his fans to get to know him better, perhaps after some rest he’ll be ready to lead the Warriors to a win against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night.


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