Tweet of the Night: Reactions To Marcus Smart Shoving A Fan

Marcus Smart

Things were understandably heated last night between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Texas Tech Raiders. In what was supposed to be a simple NCAA game between the two programs, now has a controversial moment from it. Oklahoma State’s sophomore guard and projected lottery pick Marcus Smart came into conflict with a fan named Jeff Orr during tonights collegiate matchup.

In a game where Oklahoma State was trailing before ultimately losing 65-61 to Texas Tech, it was understandable why Smart would be frustrated to say the least. Unfortunately in an act of bad judgement, Smart engaged a fan that had been heckling him, resulting in Smart shoving the fan back away from him. Smart was given a technical foul for his actions, but was able to remain in the game.

Player safety is always a concern, but so is it a concern for fans as well. Officials from the NCAA and Oklahoma State University will undoubtedly review the situation to determine if any further action is necessary. Marcus Smart probably won’t be looking at any possible suspensions, but it will be interesting to see what action if any would be taking place.



The incident is getting mixed reactions from many who believe that while Smart should of showed restraint, the fan was still in the wrong. In situations such as this there are no true winners or losers.




Regardless of how Smart could of handled the situation, he is still only 19 years old and has a bit of growing to do in terms of maturity. The incident should be treated as an isolated one, though it will be interesting to see how Smart is viewed in terms of his potential draft position.


With the draft still several months away, the conflict shouldn’t have any lasting effect on Smart’s reputation. Many consider him to be a Top 10 pick in this years upcoming draft, and he has plenty of more basketball to play for scouts and general managers to get a better idea of what he can bring to a team on the court.

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  1. Janell Outland says

    I’ve been to Texas Tech for collegiant basketball games. The fans are rude, racist and cocky. Leave Marcus Smart alone. A slap on the wrist is good enough since you can’t reprimand the classless fan.

  2. Richard Faust says

    Hey I played varsity basketball and football (high school and college) in the late 80s and early 70s and me and my teammates were pushed, punched, heckled, spat on, etc. by fans. In fact, a fan was killed in the stands at one of my high school’s football games. Marcus Smart reacted emotinally at the end of a hard-fought road game between teams from Oklahoma and Texas, whose fans hate each other. He received a deserved technical. Other than that, so what? I am a long-suffering Timberwolves fan and would love to have a player with the heart, soul, and cojones of Marcus Smart. Viva Smart!

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