SH Blog: Knicks and Nuggets Revisit Shumpert-Faried Trade; LeBron Says He Is Top Four All-Time; Trade Possibilities Around The NBA

ImanShumpertAs the February 21st NBA trade deadline looms over All-Star weekend, there is no shortage of news and rumors around the league.

We’ll take a look at which teams have the ammunition to make major moves before next weeks deadline, which players can be on the move, and everything else happening in the league today. 

So why not start in New York, where there has certainly not been a lack of headlines this season. Today, ESPN’s Marc Stein reported via Twitter that the Knicks are trying to resurrect early season trade discussions with the Denver Nuggets that would center around Iman Shumpert and Kenneth Faried.

With the emergence of rookie guard Tim Hardaway Jr., the Knicks have a somewhat expendable asset in Iman Shumpert. Shumpert is well-known for his defense and athleticism, but has not quite developed offensively to the degree New York would have hoped by now. And between Hardaway Jr. and J.R. Smith, the Knicks have more than enough shots to go around at the shooting guard position, probably a factor in Shumperts down year statistically.

If Denver takes the bait it would allow the Knicks to bolster their frequently injured frontcourt, which currently includes Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire, Kenyon Martin and occasionally Jeremy Tyler.

The Nuggets were hesitant at the start of the season, and eventually squashed discussions with the Knicks. But since then they have been plagued by injuries at the guard position. Nate Robinson has been ruled out for the season, Ty Lawson is out indefinitely with a wrist injury and Andre Miller has not seen action since his publicized dispute with head coach Brian Shaw.

While Faried does not quite fit the Knicks roster in a traditional manner — many believe they need to play Carmelo Anthony full-time at the power forward position — he could be the infusion of energy this team needs to make a playoff push in the second half of the season.

Additionally, Faried is just 24 years old and averaging 10.5 points and 7.6 rebound in just 24 minutes per game. While his numbers are slightly down, that can largely be attributed to his diminished role in Shaw’s more traditional offensive system, that does not quite allow Faried to wreak havoc to the degree he did under last years head coach George Karl.

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  1. Tom says

    Guys, I’m a regular visitor to the site and check out most of your original pieces – but I think you’ve started crossing the line with how much of others’ content you quote in your daily roundups. Lowe’s piece today and Aldridge a day or two ago felt particularly egregious. Basic rule of thumb: if it feels like I’m reading an edited version of the entire article then it’s too much.

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