Tweet of the Day: Festus Ezeli

festus-ezeliTwo days removed from a last-second Wednesday night loss to the Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors center Festus Ezeli, like many other NBA athletes, decided to use the All-Star break to travel.

His flight, however, may have had some unnecessary stress due to the pilot’s lack of tact.

Some time prior to takeoff, the pilot addressed the passengers over the intercom and revealed some rather unsettling news while expressing his expectation to arrive at their destination faster than the time that they were scheduled for.

A first-time commercial airline pilot, nothing new there. All pilots have to start somewhere or else they’d never get experience. However, announcing one’s inexperience whilst suggesting that said lack of experience will equate to a faster flight is definitely lacking in tact.

As can be noted by Ezeli’s reaction, it should be expected that such a revelation would leave passengers a little unsettled.


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