PODCAST: Could Pacers get Rondo in a trade?

RondoIndianaIf Rajon Rondo is truly available, there is one team where he’d be such a good fit that it might make the Miami Heat the second choice among oddsmakers to win the NBA title.

And if Larry Bird can get his hands on Rondo, the Indiana Pacers would be that team.

Word was spreading on Twitter yesterday that Celtics GM Danny Ainge was seeking two unprotected first-round draft picks in any deal involving Rondo, and I tweeted my immediate reaction.

I discussed this possibility even further in this interview with Chris Moore and Brian Jones of CBS Sports Radio, also offering my thoughts on the possibility of Carmelo Anthony and/or Kevin Love getting moved (no and no).

But let’s delve into the Rondo to the Pacers possibility, and see if it could make sense for both teams. Scroll down below the media player for more.

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_ First, the Celtics would want to move Gerald Wallace’s contract in that deal, and the salaries for Rondo and Wallace add up to  $22.06 million.

_ Second, two unprotected first-round picks from the Pacers are not the equivalent of, say, two first-round picks from the Bucks. So my guess would be that Indiana would have to throw in a third first-rounder (and they could not include their 2014 pick, since that is already going to the Phoenix Suns)

_The Celtics would not want any onerous long-term salary commitments in this deal, but they would want a serviceable player if they had to take back a second player aside from Danny Granger ($14.02 million expiring deal). That player could be George Hill, who earns $8 million in each of the next three seasons.

Here’s how it would look, courtesy of the ESPN Trade Machine:
















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