Tweet of the Night: Andrew Bogut suffers from bad reaction to cortisone shot

BogutGolden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut has missed a lowkey two weeks of action since suffering a mysterious bone bruise in his left shoulder, and what was originally thought as the team keeping him out for precautionary reasons has become a cause for concern.

Bogut has missed four consecutive games, and is still considered day-to-day despite getting an ample amount of rest from the All-Star break. No one really knows when or how it happened, including coach Mark Jackson, but the injury is very real and the team will have to continue monitoring how the center progresses from his painful injury. 

To help speed up the recovery process, Bogut was given a cortisone shot on the shoulder. Unfortunately, it may have made things worse for him:

The Warriors play their next game on Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings and can only hope for the return of their defensive anchor by then.


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  2. jerry25 says

    I wish Deron Williams only had a bruised shoulder instead of bad ankles that don’t seem to responding to corticosteroid injection (btw, the natural hormone cortisone isn’t used in “cortisone” injections, but rather more effective synthetic derivatives like hydrocortisone and DepoMedrol).

    Bogut should have considered an alternative to speed up healing w/o side effects – namely Acupuncture or Electric Acupuncture. Will be interesting to see who is the first NBA team to hire an in-house Acupuncturist (teams have lots of physical therapists, but not any “natural chemical therapists”). Acupuncture and physical therapy complement each other nicely and Acupuncture is most effective if done every day.

    • NikkiM says

      So true. GREAT sound advice. For years I’ve been wondering the very same thing about in-house Acupuncturists (and also in-house Pilates Trainers and in-house Holistic Nutritionists). Also addressing his unique individual nutritional needs (i.e. nutritional therapy: anti-inflammatory, alkaline-rich, etc diet; specific herbal and supplemental support; mindful stress reduction, etc,) should play a huge role in healing, rehabilitation, and prevention! Get better Boges!

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