Tweet of the Day: Patrick Patterson Has An MJ Kind of Day

Some performers transcend time. Their work is too great; too inspiring; too moving to ever be forgotten.

Michael Jackson, otherwise known as the King of Pop, is one such performer.

Sunday, the 2014 Billboard Music Awards invested loads of money into developing technology to showcase a hologram performance of “Slave to the Rhythm” by the King of Pop from his latest posthumous album, Xscape.

Enjoying the new MJ album on a Monday afternoon drive, Toronto Raptors forward Patrick Patterson seemed to get into it a little too much—or, at least, no more than any of the rest of us, he just happened to post his experience on Instagram for everyone to see. The result is rather entertaining.

It all started with the new album and seemed to escalate.

The new Jackson album, Xscape, which was released earlier this month on May 9, recently debuted at No.1 in the U.K. It is on an apparent collision course with rock band The Black Keys for the top spot stateside, both having sold roughly 150,000, according to the New York Daily News.

If you missed the Michael Jackson hologram, no need to fret; the performance is online.




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