Tweet of the Day: Dan LeBatard laughs at Ric Bucher’s false report about Kyle Lowry

During the NBA Draft on Thursday, Golden State Warriors sideline reporter Ric Bucher broke what appeared to be major news.

Bucher was told by a source that the Toronto Raptors would look to do a sign-and-trade agreement involving Kyle Lowry to the Miami Heat. Here are the original tweets:

Some were surprised and excited. Others were skeptical, primarily because it didn’t come from the usual news-breakers like Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports or Marc Stein of ESPN. The reports were also unconfirmed by anyone else, so many took a wait-and-see approach. On Friday, Masai Ujiri put all speculations to rest on Toronto radio by stating he never even considered the idea of moving Lowry in a sign-and-trade to any team, according to Tim Reynolds of The A.P.:   

Reynolds went further to disprove Bucher’s report with this tweet:

Raptors’ beat writer Doug Smith also chimed in on the matter, presumably after checking with reliable sources of his own:  

With Bucher’s report proven to be nothing short of a hoax by his source, he addressed what happened thoroughly on twitter:


Some were sympathetic towards him for having to deal with a pretty tough mistake:  


Others weren’t as friendly, including the Miami Heat supporter Dan Le Batard:  


Unfortunately for Heat fans, they will have to continue sweating out their team’s current situation with LeBron James free to do anything he wants this summer.

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  1. A.J. says

    Reminds me of when Brian Windhorst was in Cleveland, his source had told him there was no escalator clause in James’ Nike contract if James went to play for another team. Windhorst parroted that source in his stories for several years. It turned out the source had lied to Windhorst, and Windhorst wrote a mea culpa very similar to Bucher’s.

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