Brooklyn Nets Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: G Shane Larkin, F Thomas Robinson, F Willie Reed, G Wayne Ellington, G Donald Sloan

2015 Draft Picks: F Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, F Chris McCullough

Draft Picks Coming: 2017 second round (Boston, protected 31-45)

Draft Picks Going: 2016 first round (to Boston); 2016 second round (to LA Clippers, 56-60, swap); 2017 first round (to Boston, swap); 2017 second round (to Atlanta); 2018 first round (to Boston); 2018 second round (to Philadelphia, swap); 2018 second round (to Charlotte); 2019 second round (to Memphis); 2020 second round (to Philadelphia)

Cap Exceptions: Partial mini-mid-level ($376,000)

Trade Exceptions: Mason Plumlee ($1,360,000, expires June 27, 2016); Steve Blake ($2,170,000, expires July 12, 2016)

Over/Under: Over the cap, under the tax

Amnesty Provision: Used on Travis Outlaw (2011)

Joe Johnson$21,890,000
Brook Lopez $19.690,000$21,170,000$22,640,000
Thaddeus Young$11,240,000 $12,080,000$12,920,000 $13,760,000
Jarrett Jack$6,300,000$6,300,000
Deron Williams$5,470,000$5,470,000 $5,470,000$5,470,000$5,470,000
B. Bogdanovic $3,430,000$3,570,000$4,470,000
Sergey Karasev $1,600,000
Wayne Ellington$1,500,000 $1,570,000
Shane Larkin$1,500,000$1,500,000
Andrea Bargnani$1,360,000
R. Hollis-Jefferson$1,340,000 $1,400,000$1,460,000  $2,470,000$3,590,000
Chris McCullough $1,140,000 $1,190,000 $1,240,000 $2,240,000 $3,370,000
Donald Sloan $1,020,000
Thomas Robinson$980,000$1,050,000
Willie Reed$950,000$1,220,000
Markel Brown$850,000$1,180,000
Sean Kilpatrick$230,000$980,000$1,050,000
Henry Sims$170,000
Ryan Boatright$80,000
Quincy Miller$50,000
TOTAL SALARY$80,790,000$58,680,000$49,250,000$23,940,000$12,430,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



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  3. jerry25 says

    Glad you fixed the problem with allowing comments. On Aug 8 it wasn’t possible to comment.

    Regarding the Repeater Tax, Nets weren’t over the Tax in 2011-2012.
    Nets Will be over the Tax for 2012-13, 13-14 and should be over the Tax for 14-15.
    However, Nets WON’T pay the Repeater tax in 14-15. They will only pay the Tax in 15-16, if they are over the Luxury Tax in that year. Billy King may be making a feable attempt to stay under the Tax for 15-16. He chose to take the 2 year contract of Jason Terry over the 3 year contract of Courtney Lee, likely to stay under the Tax in 15-16.
    The rule is you have to be over the Luxury Tax for 3 of 4 years before being subject to the Tax in the following year (if over the Tax in That year).

    Regarding Nets swapping 1st round picks with Boston/ATL, it only becomes a “negative” if Nets have a worse record in the years involved.

    • says

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