Denver Nuggets Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: C Nikola Jokic, F Mike Miller

2014 Draft Picks: G Emmanuel Mudiay, G Nikola Radicevic

Draft Picks Coming: 2016 first round (Memphis, protected 1-5, 15-30); 2016 first round (Portland, 1-14); 2016 first round (Houston, 1-14); 2016 first round (New York, right to swap); 2016 second round (Oklahoma City); 2016 second round (Charlotte, 56-60); 2018 second round (Golden State)

Draft Picks Going: 2016 second round (to New Orleans); 2018 second round (to Chicago)

Cap Exceptions: None

Trade Exceptions: None

Over/Under: Over the cap

Amnesty Provision: Used on Chris Andersen (2012)

Danilo Gallinari $14,000,000$15,050,000$16,100,000
Kenneth Faried$11,240,000$12,080,000$12,920,000$13,760,000
Wilson Chandler$10,450,000$11,230,000$12,020,000$12,800,000
J.J. Hickson$5,610,000
Jameer Nelson$4,350,000$4,540,000$4,740,000
Steve Novak$3,750,000
Will Barton$3,530,000 $3,530,000$3,540,000
Emmanuel Mudiay$3,100,000$3,240,000$3,380,000  $4,290,000 $5,760,000
D.J. Augustin$3,000,000
Darrell Arthur $2,810,000 $2,940,000
Jusuf Nurkic $1,840,000$1,920,000  $2,950,000$4,140,000
Joffrey Lauvergne$1,710,000$1,710,000$2,140,000
Gary Harris $1,590,000$1,660,000  $2,550,000$3,640,000
Mike Miller$1,500,000
Nikola Jokic$1,300,000$1,360,000$1,420,000$1,480,000
Nick Johnson$850,000$980,000
Joey Dorsey $820,000
Pablo Prigioni$440,000
K. Papanikolaou$350,000
Axel Toupane$120,000 $870,000
JaKarr Sampson$260,000$980,000
Erick Green$100,000
Sean Kilpatrick$60,000
TOTAL SALARY$72,780,000$62,090,000$61,760,000$40,110,000$5,760,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



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