Golden State Warriors Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: G Ian Clark

2015 Draft Picks: F Kevon Looney

Draft Picks Coming: None

Draft Picks Going: 2016 first round (to Philadelphia, swap); 2016 second round (to Utah); 2017 first round (to Utah); 2017 second round (to Utah); 2018 second round (to Denver)

Cap Exceptions: Partial mini-mid-level ($880,000)

Trade Exceptions: David Lee ($5,390,000, expires July 27, 2016); Gerald Wallace ($3,200,000, expires July 31, 2016)

Over/Under: Over the apron

Amnesty Provision: Used on Charlie Bell (2011)

Klay Thompson$15,500,000$16,660,000$17,830,000$18,990,000
Draymond Green$14,260,000 $15,330,000$16,400,000 $17,470,000 $18,540,000
Andrew Bogut $13,800,000$12,680,000
Andre Iguodala$11,710,000$11,130,000
Stephen Curry $11,370,000$12,110,000
Jason Thompson $6,910,000$880,000$880,000  $890,000
Shaun Livingston$5,540,000$5,780,000
Harrison Barnes$3,870,000 $5,190,000
Marreese Speights$3,820,000
Leandro Barbosa$2,500,000
Festus Ezeli$2,010,000 $3,010,000
Brandon Rush$1,270,000
Kevon Looney$1,130,000$1,180,000$1,230,000$2,230,000$3,340,000
Ian Clark$950,000
James McAdoo$850,000 $1,180,000
Anderson Varejao$460,000
TOTAL SALARY$95,950,000$85,130,000 $36,340,000 $39,580,000$21,880,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



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