Los Angeles Lakers Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: G Lou Williams, F Brandon Bass, C Roy Hibbert, G Marcelo Huertas, F Metta World Peace

2015 Draft Picks: G D’Angelo Russell, F Larry Nance Jr., G-F Anthony Brown

Draft Picks Coming: None

Draft Picks Going: 2016 first round (to Philadelphia, protected 1-3); 2018 first round (to Orlando, 1-5); 2019 second round (to Cleveland)

Cap Exceptions: Room ($2,810,000)

Trade Exceptions: None

Over/Under: Over the cap

Amnesty Provision: Used on Metta World Peace (2013)

Kobe Bryant$25,000,000
Roy Hibbert$15,590,000
Lou Williams$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Nick Young$5,220,000 $5,440,000$5,670,000
D’Angelo Russell$5,100,000$5,330,000$5,560,000$7,020,000$9,160,000
Julius Randle$3,130,000 $3,270,000 $4,150,000$5,560,000
Brandon Bass$3,000,000 $3,140,000
Ryan Kelly$1,720,000 $2,160,000
Metta World Peace $1,500,000
Larry Nance Jr.$1,160,000$1,210,000$1,260,000$2,270,000$3,370,000
Robert Sacre $980,000
Jordan Clarkson$850,000 $3,200,000
Tarik Black$850,000 $1,180,000
Anthony Brown $700,000$870,000 $1,010,000$1,290,000
Marcelo Huertas$530,000
Jonathan Holmes$100,000
Michael Frazier $50,000
TOTAL SALARY$72,330,000$32,800,000$24,650,000$16,140,000$12,530,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



  1. says

    This is just semantics but for the sake of accuracy Larry Nance Jr is a Forward. He practiced with the bigs yesterday in training camp and guarded bigs in summer league. Just saying.

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  6. Ryan says

    With all that money tied up in old veterans such as Kobe & Nash, along with “Swaggy-P” and his ridiculous yearly earnings, I feel their best move is to try and trade out and rebuild around Marshall and the young centers[+Randle]. These guys may be young and unexperienced but the potential for them is much greater than anyone else’s on the Lakers at this point in time. It’s time to rebuild in Lala land and take a step back for the Clippers to claim LA as the favorite for the next few years until they can get some solid draft picks locked up for the future. Gonna be a tough stretch but hey you gotta do what’s best in the long run. I feel Marshall has the makings to be a very good starting PG in the league for years to come.

    • Thomas Rickard says

      5 mil a year isn’t bad, he played great as a 6th man, and is about the mid level exemption if I’m not mistaken, since article was written it looks like we’ll have Dunleavy,who’ll make great addition, also incuded in trade is James witch Cleveland wants maybe we can get a second rounder in trade

  7. john says

    So I guess you would be one of those GM’s that would be stupid enough to give up two No. 1’s for a 33-year old player with recent injury problems…. They should actually try to see if they can retain Gasol on a low salary. It will take Kobe and Gasol to make major financial concessions for the Lakers to add the players needed for title contention again.

    • Thomas Rickard says

      He already turned down 2yr 20mil and 3yr 20mil, and that is probably more than he’ll make elsewhere


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