Miami Heat Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: F Gerald Green, F-C Amar’e Stoudemire

2015 Draft Picks: F Justise Winslow, G Josh Richardson

Draft Picks Coming: 2016 second round (Orlando, protected 31-55); 2018 second round (New Orleans, protection TBA); 2019 second round (Boston, 31-55)

Draft Picks Going: 2016 first round (to Philadelphia, 1-10); 2016 second round (to Boston); 2017 second round (to Atlanta, 31-40); 2018 first round (to Phoenix, 1-7); 2019 second round (to Minnesota); 2020 second round (to Boston); 2021 first round (to Phoenix); TBA second round (to Memphis); TBA second round (to Memphis); 2021 second round (to Portland)

Cap Exceptions: Partial mini-mid-level ($2,850,000)

Trade Exceptions: Zoran Dragic ($1,710,000, expires July 27, 2016); Shabazz Napier ($1,290,000, expires July 27, 2016)

Over/Under: Over the cap, under the tax

Amnesty Provision: Used on Mike Miller (2013)

Chris Bosh$22,190,000 $23,740,000 $25,290,000 $26,840,000
Dwyane Wade$20,000,000
Goran Dragic$14,780,000 $15,890,000 $17,000,000 $18,110,000$19,220,000
Luol Deng$10,150,000
Josh McRoberts$5,440,000$5,780,000$6,020,000
Udonis Haslem$2,850,000
Justise Winslow $2,480,000$2,590,000$2,710,000  $3,450.000 $4,700,000
Beno Udrih $2,100,000
Amar’e Stoudemire$1,500,000
Gerald Green$1,360,000
Hassan Whiteside $980,000
Tyler Johnson $850,000 $1,180,000
Josh Richardson$530,000 $870,000$1,100,000$1,290,000
Joe Johnson$410,000
Dorell Wright$20,000
Briante Weber$10,000
TOTAL SALARY$85,650,000$50,250,000$52,020,000$49,690,000$23,920,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



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  2. nun says

    I am SOOO looking forward to when people realize how bad Bosh’s contract is and the HEAT turn into the Bosh Raptors. Enjoy the empty calories of a Bosh stat-padded team!! And BTW, the only 2 players Durant has ever publicly called out and doesn’t like are Howard and BOSH, so good luck thinking he’s going to sign with them….

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  7. Doml says

    Bosh has not signed yet. If he decides to give back some it opens up a few mill for Beasley and maybe one more vet around 2-3 m.

  8. stevan Williams says

    What happened to Justin Hamilton,i know his contract becomes practically granteed aug.1,how much is that for along with James Ennis.

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