Milwaukee Bucks Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: G Greivis Vasquez, F-C Greg Monroe

2015 Draft Picks: F Rashad Vaughn

Draft Picks Coming: 2016 second round (New Orleans, protected 56-60); 2016 second round (Sacramento, 56-60); 2018 second round (Dallas, 31-55); 2020 second round (Washington, 31-55)

Draft Picks Going: 2019 second round (to Philadelphia)

Cap Exceptions: Partial mid-level ($1,660,000)

Trade Exceptions: Jared Dudley ($4,250,000, expires July 9, 2016); Zaza Pachulia ($5,200,000, expires July 9, 2016)

Over/Under: Over the cap

Amnesty Provision: Used on Drew Gooden (2013)

Greg Monroe $16,410,000$17,150,000 $17,880,000
Khris Middleton$14,700,000 $15,200,000$14,100,000$13,000,000 $13,000,000
O.J. Mayo$8,000,000
Greivis Vasquez$6,600,000
Jabari Parker$5,150,000 $5,370,000 $6,780,000 $8,850,000
Jerryd Bayless$3,000,000
John Henson $2,940,000$12,500,000$11,700,000$10,800,000$10,000,000
M. Carter-Williams$2,400,000  $3,180,000$4,360,000
Miles Plumlee $2,110,000$3,110,000
G. Antetokounmpo$1,950,000 $3,000,000$4,190,000
Larry Sanders$1,870,000$1,870,000$1,870,000$1,870,000$1,870,000$1,870,000$1,870,000
Rashad Vaughn$1,730,000$1,810,000$1,890,000  $2,900,000$4,100,000
Tyler Ennis$1,660,000$1,730,000 $2,670,000$3,780,000
Damien Inglis $860,000 $980,000$1,250,000
Johnny O’Bryant $850,000$980,000$1,250,000
Steve Novak$420,000
J. Cunningham$60,000
TOTAL SALARY$70,710,000$66,880,000$67,940,000$41,200,000$28,970,000$1,870,000$1,870,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



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