Philadelphia 76ers Salaries and Analysis



Offseason Additions: F Carl Landry, G Nik Stauskas, G Kendall Marshall, G. T.J. McConnell

2015 Draft Picks: C Jahlil Okafor, F Richaun Holmes

Draft Picks Coming: 2016 first round (LA Lakers, protected 1-3); 2016 first round (Miami, 1-10); 2016 first round (Oklahoma City, 1-16); 2016 first round (Sacramento, right to swap); 2016 first round (Golden State, right to swap); 2017 first round (Sacramento, right to swap); 2018 first round (Sacramento, 1-10); 2018 second round (LA Clippers); 2018 second round (Cleveland); 2018 second round (New York, right to swap); 2018 second round (Brooklyn, right to swap); 2019 second round (Milwaukee); 2019 second round (New York); 2019 second round (Sacramento); 2020 second round (Brooklyn); 2020 second round (New York); 2021 second round (New York)

Draft Picks Going: 2016 second round (to Boston); 2017 second round (to New Orleans)

Cap Exceptions: Partial mid-level ($2,810,000)

Trade Exceptions: None

Over/Under: Under the cap

Amnesty Provision: Used on Elton Brand (2012)

JaVale McGee$12,000,000
Gerald Wallace$10,110,000
Carl Landry$6,500,000$6,500,000
Joel Embiid $4,630,000$4,830,000 $6,100,000$8,000,000
Jahlil Okafor$4,580,000$4,790,000$5,000,000 $6,310,000 $8,280,000
Nerlens Noel $3,460,000 $4,380,000$5,850,000
Nik Stauskas$2,870,000$2,990,000 $3,810,000$5,130,000
Furkan Aldemir $2,840,000
Sonny Weems$2,810,000
Tony Wroten $2,180,000
Kendall Marshall$2,140,000 $2,050,000 $1,950,000 $1,850,000
Elton Brand$1,500,000
Ish Smith$1,100,000
 Richaun Holmes $1,070,000 $1,030,000$1,010,000$1,090,000
R. Covington$1,000,000$1,020,000$1,090,000
Isaiah Canaan$950,000$1,220,000
Hollis Thompson$950,000 $1,020,000
Jerami Grant $850,000$980,000 $1,050,000
JaKarr Sampson $850,000
Pierre Jackson $750,000
T.J. McConnell $530,000 $870,000 $1,010,000$1,090,000
Christian Wood $310,000
 Scottie Wilbekin$200,000
TOTAL SALARY$64,180,000$31,680,000$26,870,000$23,470,000$8,280,000

Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived



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  4. Kevin says

    Since our pick for Boston will be in the lottery Boston gets our 2015 and 2016 2nd Round Picks correct? Just wanted to confirm or does it get pushed out one more year and then its 2016 and 2017 2nd rounders?

    • says

      That is correct. I update the draft picks parameters when they change. As of now, that is a lottery protected first-round pick but likely will change to two 2nd round picks. Philly’s loss of those picks is offset by multiple 2nd rounders coming from elsewhere in the future. Thanks for reading.

    • says

      They really dont have to. If at the end of the season their player salaries total an amount below the floor (90 percent of cap), they cut a check for the difference to the NBA Players Association. In essence, they have to budget at least the amount of the floor for player salaries, even if those dollars aren’t going to their players. Thanks for reading

      • Catlin says

        Thanks Chris,

        That’s interesting. I’ve been an NBA fan since the late 90’s as a child but am now just learning the in’s and outs of the financial aspect of the league. If it wasn’t for Phili taking this approach I don’t think this would have been drawn to my attention. Once again thanks for your timely reply.

      • matt says

        I thought the extra $ (not meeting the floor) went to the Sixers players… not the players association ? either way, whatever. How does taking a player like Amare at the deadline help the Sixers? The Knicks cant offer much to make it worth the Sixers while, but this has been a much talked about deal to ge tthe sixers to the floor at the deadline, which is when they need to be at the floor.

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