Sheridan Hoops Salary Cap Analysis Index

moneyWelcome to the Sheridan Hoops team salary cap analysis index.

This is where Sheridan Hoops shows you the money. The NBA is big business, and these charts make it easier to understand why teams make or do not make certain moves.

For each team, we have included a minimum five-year view of their payroll with player options, team options and qualifying offers. We also have included current and future draft picks coming and going, available salary cap exceptions, trade exceptions and provisions.

Periodically throughout the year, we receive official salaries from unimpeachable sources and update all 30 teams. In the interim, we rely on our colleagues, many of whom do a fantastic job themselves of reporting contract details and team finances.

To look at a team’s salary picture, simply click on their name or logo. 


Hawks small logoAtlanta Hawks


celtics small logoBoston Celtics


nets60Brooklyn Nets


hornets60Charlotte Hornets


bulls small logoChicago Bulls


cavs small logoCleveland Cavaliers


mavs small logoDallas Mavericks 


nuggets small logoDenver Nuggets 


pistons small logoDetroit Pistons 


warriors small logoGolden State Warriors 


rockets small logoHouston Rockets 


pacers small logoIndiana Pacers


clippers60Los Angeles Clippers 


lakers60Los Angeles Lakers 


grizzlies small logoMemphis Grizzlies 


heat small logoMiami Heat 


bucks small logoMilwaukee Bucks 


wolves small logoMinnesota Timberwolves 


New Orleans Pelicans logoNew Orleans Pelicans 


knicks small logoNew York Knicks 


thunder small logoOklahoma City Thunder


magic small logoOrlando Magic


sixers small logoPhiladelphia 76ers


suns small logoPhoenix Suns


blazers small logo

Portland Trail Blazers


kings small logoSacramento Kings


spurs small logoSan Antonio Spurs


raptors small logoToronto Raptors


jazz small logoUtah Jazz


wizards small logoWashington Wizards



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