Tweet of the Night: Kendall Marshall gets mistaken for an Israeli player

Kendall MarshallWith a slew of injuries to key point guards for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kendall Marshall was brought in as an emergency replacement in mid-season for the team last season. He wasn’t expected to do much, but actually made quite a name for himself playing under Mike D’Antoni’s point-guard friendly offense, averaging eight points and a whopping 8.8 assists in just under 30 minutes.

Almost instantly, he became a fan favorite. It was a feel-good story for the guard who took advantage of an opportunity after spending plenty of time in the D-League. All the NBA fans around the league know who he is and what he looks like at this point. Unfortunately, he has had some cases in the Los Angeles area where certain casual fans simply don’t recognize him. While that’s mostly understandable, this particular story he shared on vine during the season was particularly funny and probably a little sad.

For some reason, these funky scenarios seem to follow Marshall around. On Thursday, he ran into another fan who didn’t recognize him as a Lakers player. Here are the details of that story: 









At least they recognized him as a basketball player this time.

With Steve Nash hoping to come back healthy next season and the acquisition of Jeremy Lin, playing time may be difficult to come by for Marshall. Hopefully, he will find a way to carve out a role with his unique ability to consistently make plays for his team. If not, this probably won’t be the last story we hear from the guard about his still-obscure status with casual fans of the NBA.

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