SH Blog: Kevin Love Reportedly Requests a Trade to Cleveland

KevinLoveSH1Seriously. Just trade Kevin Love and let this saga end already.

The never-ending trade reports continued to flow in on Friday, July 25. The Minnesota Timberwolves power forward remains a player who’s on the trading block, but seemingly untouchable for an organization that would likely lose him for nothing in 2015 if he remains in Minnesota.

According to Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio, Love has made it clear where he wants to be traded to.

Multiple league sources told FOX Sports Ohio on Friday they are under the impression Love has relayed his desire for a trade to Cleveland to his agent. Love is represented by Jeff Schwartz.

Sources could not say for certain whether Love or Schwartz have made a formal trade request to the Timberwolves. Most believe if such a request is made, the Cavs will be able to obtain Love at a considerably cheaper cost than what is being discussed by the teams.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving aren’t bad teammates to have.

The hurdle in all of this is that Cleveland signed No. 1 overall draft choice Andrew Wiggins to his rookie contract on July 24. Thus, the Cavaliers cannot trade the former Kansas Jayhawks at any time during the 30-day period which follows his date of signing.

That’s either another month of rumors or a sign that the Cavs are bowing out.

From a basketball perspective, Cleveland seems to be the most ideal location for Love to end up. Irving is already a two-time All-Star at 22, while James is widely considered the best player in the world.

As for the system, head coach David Blatt runs an adaptation of the Princeton Offense that would fit Love well. He can make the backdoor passes or space the floor for the motion 3-ball that has made him such a dangerous threat.

Without Wiggins, however, Minnesota has no reason to execute a trade with Cleveland. Oh, the offseason.


Byron Scott to Coach the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have always done things to the beat of their own drum. The Lakers continued that trend by going nearly three months without a head coach.

According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, the Lakers have offered their vacant coaching job to Byron Scott.

Way to test a fanbase’s patience.

The Lakers have always been an unconventional organization. There’s no pattern to follow in Los Angeles, but instead an ever-changing blueprint that has helped the organization win 16 championships.

A man responsible for three of those is expected to become the next head coach.

Scott played for the Lakers from 1983 to 1993. He was a critical contributor to a “Showtime” squad that won three NBA championships in 1985, ’87 and ’88, respectively.

Scott also played for the Lakers during the 1995-96 season, mentoring an 18-year-old rookie named Kobe Bryant.

The same Kobe Bryant who, nearly 20 years later, is still the face of the franchise.

The fact that Scott has ties to the Lakers organization and a relationship with Bryant plays a factor here. He’s respected throughout Los Angeles, but the imperative trust from Bryant and the front office is what matters most.

The question is, is Scott the right coach for the job?

Scott wasted little time before he earned fame and adoration as the head coach of the New Jersey Nets. After a horrid 26-56 debut campaign in 2000-01, he led New Jersey to a 52-30 record and the franchise’s first ever NBA Finals appearance in 2001-02.

In 2002-03, the Nets again made it to the NBA Finals. They fell short of winning the championship in both seasons.

Since those two magical runs, he’s spent 10 seasons on the sidelines with two ending in early terminations. In that span, he’s achieved just three winning records.

In his most recent stint, Scott led the post-James Cleveland Cavaliers to just 64 wins in three full seasons. That won’t be enough to keep Laker Nation happy. Not even close.

Scott has the name value and the history that the organization is looking for. His coaching resume, however, is a display of imbalanced success.

Scott clearly knows how to get the most out of elite talent, as the two Finals appearances prove. The concerning reality is, he’s been a coach with a losing record more than he’s been a coach with a winning record.

For all of the uncertainty, the Lakers have finally made a move to hire a head coach. It couldn’t have gone to a better candidate than Scott.


Around The League

  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports provided information on the future of the NBPA and its vacant Executive Director position. “Sources had told Yahoo Sports in past 48 hours that [there] are four finalists in process for [the new] NBPA executive director.” Those candidates include Washington D.C. attorney Michele Roberts, ITI CEO Dean Garfield and Dallas Mavericks CEO Terdema Ussery.
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports also reports that Kevin Johnson is no longer involved in the selection process. “In email, Kevin Johnson has informed agents he’s no longer part of the search process for a new NBPA executive director, Yahoo has learned.” Johnson is the mayor of Sacramento and one of the most prolific point guards in NBA history.
  • Marc Stein of ESPN reports that Omri Casspi will return to the Sacramento Kings on a one-year deal worth the veteran’s minimum. “ESPN sources say Omri Casspi is finalizing a one-year contract at league min. with Sacramento tonight after clearing waivers earlier Friday.” Casspi, 26, played for the Kings from 2009 to 2011.


  1. Irony says

    So it was a travesty and kick in thr face to competifive play to have the big 3 in miami..but it’s the besr thing from a basketball perspective that love join cavs to form a new big 3…while I have o problem with players going where they want to..look how hypocritical most “analysts” have been over the last 4 years and how it is now seemingly okay now that the king has returned home…at least be consistent in your criticisms…

  2. says

    Lebron, Irving & Wiggins have a chance to win the NBA East over Chicago.
    Lebron, Irving & Love have a chance to win the NBA Championship.

    Lebron turns 30 this year, Jordan won his last championship of 6, at age 33, Kobe’s last at 31. Time will be a bigger challenge for the Lebron, Irving, Wiggins scenario. Lebron, Irving and Love would be ready to challenge for the title next season. Love and Wiggins become teammates if Love takes a drastic pay cut next year as a free agent.

  3. Nick says

    Come on Chris, get Max under control. If KL told other teams he was signing with Cleveland next year so don’t trade for him, and told Minny to trade him to the Cavs, there is no way Wiggins is going to be traded.

  4. says

    Love has all the power here. If he demands to go to Cleveland then they could still keep Wiggins and move Waiters and Bennet and one of their 3 1st round picks next year. They would still have Thompson and 2 more picks. Now that would be setting themselves up to win now AND in the future. Wait it out; one way or another they’ll get Love without giving up their future.

    • 白小虎 says

      No there’s a cap hold for draft picks so they could have traded him before signing him. Also, I think they signed him just to send a message to Minn that they don’t have the leverage and all their leaking of false offers to drum up a market is hot air.

      No team will trade real assets for one season of Love and he’ll only re-sign w/ Cavs at this point. Which is why Minn tried to drum up a Love market from thin air.

      Minn should realize they are lucky to get anything for Love and take the generous offer of Bennett, a 1st rounder, and 3 expiring contracts.

      • Zulunation says

        I don’t understand why minnesota would trade Love to cleveland for what they’re offering. If minnesota was smart they would have taken the golden state deal. Bennett is horrible.

        • 白小虎 says

          That’s missing the point though: it won’t matter what Minn wants bc no team will finalize the deal unless Love says he’ll resign w/ them. So GS may have offered that, but they wouldn’t finalize the trade w/o assurances from Love. Minn would, but they have no leverage and will have less and less the closer they get to the trade deadline.


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