Tweet of the Day: Raptors Lucas Nogueira Training With Hall of Famer


After spending last year in Spain, Lucas Nogueira is preparing for his first NBA season.

Lucas Nogueira, the Brazilian center that the undersized Atlanta Hawks shipped to the Toronto Raptors with Lou Williams for John Salmons and a second-round draft pick, is training with Hall of Fame center and two-time NBA Champion Hakeem Olajuwon.

Olajuwon, otherwise known as “Hakeem the Dream” — widely known for his indefensible “Dream Shake” in the low post, has helped many NBA athletes improve their post play. Some of the most notable players to train with the Houston Rockets two-time NBA Finals MVP include LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Amar’e Stoudemire.

Nogueira officially became the newest addition to the Raptors roster after signing a contract August 3, 2014. He recently expressed his enthusiasm for his training with a simple tweet and a photo.

Considering that Stoudemire paid Olajuwon $100,000 for two weeks of training in 2012, one could surmise that the week of training might cost Nogueira a cool 50-grand. However, considering that The Dream spent the last few seasons of his illustrious career with the Raptors, perhaps he’s giving him a discount.

While we can only speculate the cost and specifics of his training, that he is even going to such an extent prior to his first season in the NBA demonstrates the young center’s commitment to becoming the best possible athlete that he can be. More young athletes should do the same.



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